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4 for Sunday:

Not in any order -

Carrol is at peace.

My doctor was on MSNBC yesterday. Feels good to know I have a great doctor!

I went to paint my bathroom with what the bucket of Dutch Boy said was white paint - turned out to be spring green color! At least my bathroom is painted, thanks to me, not lazy hubby :shock:

Daffodills are coming up in front of my building.

Tommorow hubby will do the laudry, no matter how tired he is!!!!!!!

OK, guess that's enough.


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1) Leaving the dog out of her crate when we left for eight hours yesterday - and NOT having any messes when we got home.

2) A husband who loves me

3) A teenager who isn't TOO embarrassed to be seen with me :roll:

4) Mom & Dad next door

5) Ty is on tonight ("Extreme Makeover - Home Edition")

Never, never, never will I be thankful for Daylight Savings Time! Whose crazy idea was this, anyway, this "spring ahead, fall back"? It's not like I can bank that hour and use it in a way I see fit!

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1. My Nephew, David, visiting with me (age 8)

2. My Nephew, Jordan, visiting with me (age 12)

3. Going to Space Camp with the boys last night, looking through a huge high powered telescope and seeing 2 galaxies as the stars "reach" for each other 10,000,000,000 light years away.

4. My brother and his soon to be wife.

5. My best friend, Wanda.

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