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Movie: "The Corporation" and Cancer


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The Corporation

What a powerful, eye-opening film. I recommend it to anyone, except please bear in mind that it may affect your emotions. You can rent it at Blockbuster.

Right now I am angry. I am angry because in the film we are reminded that 1 in 2 men, and 1 in 3 women will get cancer. It is suggested (and proven in some cases) that our environmental and other toxins, as a result of corporate irresponsibility and disregard for human safety, contribute to these high cancer rates.

How many people have to die before we get control over our environment again? Before we force irresponsible companies to obey environmental laws?

What can we do as consumers to not contribute to the rise in cancer? There are toxins in and as a result of the manufacturing of so many of the products we rely on for day-to-day living in western society.

Cancer is such a horrible thing. I just wish there were more we can do, or not do, to help.


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