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Surgery update


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Ken's liver resection went very well. They couldn't do the laproscopic procedure. The surgeon found more tumors, all in the same area and had to do the big cut (ouch!) in order to get all the cancer. He was very confident that the liver is now cancer free. He is still in the hospital, still cannot have anything to eat or drink. Poor guy, food is all he thinks about. I had to come in to the office to do payroll and will be heading back to Tampa soon. Now, just on to the lung. From what I understand it sounds like having a lobe removed is going to be even worse than this surgery. I haven't told Ken that though. He said he would do it now if they would, the sooner the better. I would like to hear from those of you who have had part of your lung removed, I really don't know much about that procedure. Will update when I get back again. Thanks again to everyone for the support and prayers.

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It's painful, but bareable. Honestly.....all the side affects I had from treatment were worse then the surgery! But I had them all!

After surgery the chest tube is the most uncomfortable! When he feels like geting out of bed after the lobectomy, grab a wheel chair, put the drainage tube collector in the chair and start walking around the halls and Nurses station, it really helps!

Good luck

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I'm surprised they would want to do lung surgery since the cancer has metastized outside of the lung. Seems like it would be better to keep the lung and keep him as strong as possible to fight the cancer. At one time, we thought Charlie might have a chance for surgery. However, the cancer had spread to a lymph node in his neck. We felt like he has had a much better fighting chance without the major surgery and then finding out it had spread. Hope this makes sense. Don't mean to be negative...just want Ken to have every opportunity possible. Surgery isn't always the answer with this dreadful disease. Take care. Praying for Ken and you.

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I had my lower right lobe removed and recovered very well. Of course all surgery is a pain, but I was up and strolling the hospital halls the second day after my surgery, and actually felt very well within a month.

THEN I had radiation and chemo and felt awful.

I too was at Moffitt hosp., and have all the faith in the world in the Dr's there.

Keep the faith.

My prayers, hugs, and kisses go to both of you,


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Hi: I also am surprised that Ken will be having a lobectomy if the cancer has spread outside his lungs.

At any rate, I had a lobectomy 15 months ago. The pain was managed well. Be sure to ask for an epidural. My biggest problem was being able to urinate after the catheter was removed. The epidural and other pain killers retard the urinary response, but it can be dealt with. In my case, I had to have the catheter reinserted, and I went home with it. I later saw an urologist who treated me for an urinary infection. The catheter came out about a week after discharge. For me, dealing with the catheter was way more traumatic than the operation itself. My recovery was relatively pain free. I had physical therapy that started about 6 weeks after surgery and went for 3 months. I believe it helped a lot.

The single most important therapy in recovery is to walk. I was walking a mile a day within 3 weeks after surgery. 4 months after surgery, I could walk a mile in 16 minutes. I also had to cough a lot immediately after surgery to clear the lungs. It hurt, but I needed to get the gunk out of my lungs so I would not get pneumonia.

Don M

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