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Chemo with Radiation


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So I saw the medical onc today.

Looks like Monday is Showtime for the new chemo/radiation deal.

The guy says it's etoposide/cisplatin this time around. I understood that there would be just two treatments during the 7 week course of daily radiation. The first will be next Monday--the second one three weeks after that.

It was not encouraging to hear this guy tell me I could expect to feel worse from these treatments than I did from the earlier combo of gemcitabine/carboplatin. That wasn't too bad--just 3-4 days of flu-like symptoms minus the fever. Fatigue, nausea, etc.

Thursday I go to radiation for a special CAT scan that supposedly helps the radiation types zero their sights or some such calibration before they fire for effect on Monday.

To be continued...

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Hi, BC

Brian is on Cisplatin/VP16 (etoposide).

He did great the first time around..........just complained of feeling bloated. They gave him lasix and that helped.

This round was a bit rougher w/ nausea and weakness..........but is easing up and he actually worked in the yard today.

He has learned to get some antiacids on board before the chemo day. That helps. He sleeps really well w/ an Ativan at bedtime.

Hope things go smoothly for you.............

Bri has no radation due to the liver mets.

Sending 'good vibes'........

Pat and Brian

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I had VP16 and Cisplatin and didn't have any problems other than being water logged when having the cisplatin (its hard on your kidneys so they have you drinking tons of liquids) and radiation concurrently too.

Remember they always try to prepare you for the worst, if you don't have the side effects it always seems like a bonus.

Good luck,


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I too had these drugs with radiation. My big problems were being tired and bald with hot flashes. On the flip side it killed the tumor so it was well worth it. Best wishes. Donna G

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Thanks for all the feedback.

Donna G--congrats on 7 years. This I like to hear.

After a baseline audiology exam that showed a minor hearing loss on the trebles typical for my age, they suggested a change in chemo drugs and administration. I have also had tinnitus for many years unchanged by treatment so far.

We went from etoposide/cisplatin @ 3 weeks to docetaxel/carboplatin 1 @ week. Supposedly the carboplatin is more kindly to the ears and is a better combo with docetaxel than with etoposide.

The weekly administration is designed to maintain a more stable chemo platform during radiation treatments. It may also lessen the side effects since the weekly dose is less than the dose @ 3 weeks.

After reviewing the literature I saw no reason to object to this change or ask for another opinion at this time.

I haven't heard the reading of Monday's femur x-ray yet. Mildly concerned of course. We'll see.

Otherwise treatment thus far seems to have positive results. My breathing is easier. No pain. Very little congestion or wheezing.

So I'll stay the course for now.

Regards and best wishes to all...

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Good luck with your new course of treatments.

I am five years out this month.

Hang in there, chemo is rough but effective. Ask for pretreatments for nausea etc. I took advantage of all the premeds to eat while getting chemo. Felt less bad if I had something in my stomach.



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Thanks. Congrats on the years. Cool dog.

Like you I found with earlier chemo that there is less nausea with something in the stomach.

I get the pre and post anti-nausea stuff. The post seems especially helpful. It's actually three pills for days 1/2/3. A Merck Rx product marketed under "Emend." I don't own their stock--just my gut talking.


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Hi, bc,

I had Taxotere/Carboplatin every 21 days for 6 cycles. I was given Neulasta and Aranesp injections to keep my blood counts up. Drink as much water as you can, it helps. If you can't drink the water then ask about receiving a fluid-only IV after the chemo. Hope things go well for you.

I've dealt with recurrences and mets several times over the years since my diagnosis. But my most recent scans (4-11-05) show No Disease anywhere. And I'm coming up on 6 years as a survivor.

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