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Please read new breakthrough- good news


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Guest Mrsmanny

Reading that was like reading something "too good to be true"

Why hasn't this been all over the news?

I don't understand. Considering LC's current stats, you'd think news like this would beat out anythig else currently in the news.

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I have spent the better part of 2 hours researching RFA on the internet.........I can't find a reason to not be optimistic.............

Why was this info in my newpaper before our onc. mentioned it?

What is the downside? Is there one????

Someone know something???????

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I have had RFA twice, first time over 4 yrs ago. ( I was stage iv when diagnosed) It is a wonderful procedure & you come home with a 1" x 3" band-aid. I would be happy to answer any questions about the procedure.

I have found that most Dr.'s are not happy to discuss it, some for lack of knowledge about it & others for whatever reason.

I think it is a shame that people have to find out on the internet, or be lucky enough to find a newspaper article about RFA.

I have only great things to say about RFA & I know that the tumor "cooked" over 4 yrs ago is still dead & has never grown back.

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I don't want to put a damper on this, BUT ...

It states it kills the tumor in 93% of cases it does not say anything about long term survival. I think the main thing to get out of this is that it may be just as good as a lobectomy

It is just like surgery, only Stage I-II would be candidates for RFA.

In some cases with an isolated brain met and no

lymph node involvement, surgery can be done.

Probably the biggest problem with RFA is to insure there is a negative margin.

I have read of a few cases of removing lung tumors when the stage is IV and it may help for a while but the general thought is that once the cancer becomes

systemic (spread around the body), a local procedure such as surgery or RFA can not remove all the cancer.

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Thanks, John. You're probably right about the value of this procedure for people like me with mets to bone. I guess I figured if it wasn't an invasive procedure like surgery, you could have it done again and again. Just a time buying measure, I guess.

Thanks for helping me keep it in perspective. Not a damper just a nudge to look at all sides of an issue.


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I would agree Katie. There was one article I read in a newspaper where a stage IV kept on having surgery and lived much longer than average.

The main thing is that people should not think the 93% means 93% cured. Unfortunately.

I would think RFA would be really useful for people who do not have the lung function to withstand a lobe being removed or even a wedge resection,

but could handle a small piece of lung being "Zapped".

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