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DavidC - dosage of Topotecan??? And how's it going???


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I finally remembered to ask today...and I'm getting 3 mgs of Topotecan daily....so a total of 12 mgs per cycle.

I know you were getting just ONE dose...but that they've changed your regimen to what Karen called the "Addie Plan" now. :D How's it working for you.....better? I would think it must be. But do you know how many milligrams of Topo you're getting each day or altogether? Ask....let's see if it's the same as I'm getting.

Also....wanted you to know....on Thursday, which is my fourth and last day of each chemo cycle.....instead of Decadron and Zofran for premeds....they asked me last cycle if I wanted to try Aloxi, which is new, instead of Zofran. The nurse said it's anti-nausea effects last longer than Zofran. So I said, "Sure....let's try it".

Well....let me tell you, I was a little ball of fire that first week...lots of energy...NO nausea.....great appetite....and it wasn't until the last few days before this round of chemo began yesterday that I started to poop out some. But that Aloxi stuff worked great.

Now....It's new, so you can bet it's probably 4 times the cost of Zofran...but I don't care unless and until my insurance balks....the stuff works so good I'm gonna get it again THIS Thursday!!

I know you have trouble with the Decadron mostly....but if you've had some residual nausea once your chemo is over.....ask about the Aloxi. It really worked well for me and it seemed to goose my energy level considerably too. I got the whole main floor of my house dusted and I haven't done that in one week, for months!!!!!!!!!!!! I even mopped up the dog hair too!! :D

Think of all the housework you could get done David, with Aloxi!! :roll::wink:

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Hey Addie,

I had Aloxi the whole time. Worked like a charm. Very expensive-actually lasts for up to a week. With me they gave me a baby dose of decadron 4 mg because it bumped up the volume on the aloxi.

I also got Emend:

Carbo/VP 3 day tx:

Emend one hour before chemo at home for 3 days-$200 a pill

Aloxi and 4 mg decadron day one

I refused decadron day 2 & 3 and was still fine

Took one 8 mg zofran at night day 2 & 3 if needed-maybe took twice in 7 months


Decadron 4 mg and aloxi

Never threw up-once during any chemo's w/ this pre med recipe


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Darn, Addie, just saw this. I'm sure Dave hasn't seen it or he would have answered.

I don't know his topotecan dosage but he might although he doesn't pay a whole lot of attention to some details like that.

see my post under Test Time about what's going on with him today. apparently the "Addie Plan" was rougher on his platlets then the "normal" plan!

He doesn't have much nausea, he doesn't even take the zofran pills he's got, but I'll make sure he sees this about that new antinausea drug. He's on a daily dose of decadron 4 mg, for the brain swelling anyway.

I imagine he'll go back to the old fashioned way of taking his topotecan, of course, he could do it this way, and then get a blood transfusion every other week :twisted:


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