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I'm Pooped


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After 24 weeks of Chemo I get a break. Met with ONC today to discuss my latest CT scan, which was just the same as last time....No new stuff...still NED is some areas....no growth in others. Overall very good news!!!

I am a bit anemic but should recover during the two month break that we decided on. TWO WHOLE months with no steroids, what a blessing. I am pretty well worn down....only fished for 3 hours today...life is hard :oops: Overall I feel pretty good and am really looking forward to the break.

The last week in April my two sons and I are heading for the hills of North Carolina for a few days on the Davidson River...spending time together and fishing for trout.

Thank you all four your thoughts, wishes and prayers...they do make a difference.



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I'll never forget how excited we were when my husband got a break from chemo and treatment of any kind. I forget if it was 2 months or 3 months before he started Iressa, but during that time, he really regained a lot of strength. I pray you get the same results.

Keep fishin' and CONGRATULATIONS!



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Here's to drowning worms, no matter the circumstances!

Take some quality time for reflection - nothin' says "peace" like a day in da boat or fishing (snoozing) on the bank of a local watering hole...

All my best,


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Hey jim, always great to hear from you no matter what the news! But, only three hours of fishing does sound kinda rough! The ice is moving off the lakes here. It is quite a beautiful sight. Everyday, I go down to see the color changes and texture changes from the day before. Mother Nature paints a spectacular picture. Mother's Day is opening fishing here for after ice off for walleyes and most other species after the spring spawn. Should be a good year for fishing for me too..I hope to get on the lake as much as I used to.

Enjoy the river fishing and let us know please how you fellers make out. Hope you do well, the weather is good, and you stay in the boat..(or not?)

All my best,

Cindi o'h

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Have fun in the hills.

We just returned from the Smokey's. Tennessee side, but we wondered over to the NC side.

We took our 2 grandsons and stayed in a little cabin and caught a lot of rainbow troup.

Good fishing and the wonderful health shall be with you.


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Hi Jim,

I know you are glad to be getting a break. Glad to see that things are stable. I hope you have a really nice time fishing. I left work yesterday and picked up my four year old grandson took him to feed the ducks. There were a couple of guys there fishing. I didn't see them catching anything. A guy pulled up with a boat dropped it in the water. He started casting back to the shore. The guys on the shore was casting it out as far af they could. And they say women don't make sense! Go figure. Really, I like fishing also need to get a new license so I can take the little one. Well hope you catch a big one.

Best Wishes,


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