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Hi Patti,

So sorry to hear about Frank. He seems to be on a roller coaster ride lately. I pray it comes to a halt and he can get off and feel like himself again.

Tell him we are all pulling for him to have a safe return as we will all miss him here. He is such a delightful person and will be terribly missed.

Tell Connie to hang in there. Please Patti keep us posted.

Prayers going out their way.


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Thanks Pattie, for the update on Frank. I was beginning to wonder why the Bud Lite was accumulating in Cindi's Pub....and now I know why....Frank hasn't been here to drink it!! :wink:

Tell him we're pulling for his numbers and rates to settle down where they should be....so he can get home and then back here asap.

But thank YOU for keeping us posted. All my best to you, Frank...hurry back!!

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Thanks, Patti, for letting us know. As you can see, Frank is sorely missed here, so he'd better concentrate on getting rid of those plaguey blood pressure/heart issues, get that radiation and get home soon! These things so often seem to go together. Keeping everything crossed that it's all just temporary and Frank will soon leave these darned setbacks behind him. We're all counting on him to do that.

Give him our love and take care yourself,


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