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Dave's radiation oncologist, Nurse, Ruth, is one awesome lady. Even though his bone scan was done at a private hospital not affiliated with the big medical center they work for, Dave dropped the CD of the bone scan and chin xray off to them on Monday and she had the radiation oncologist read it. She called me on my cell this morning on my way in. I had to call her back TWICE to make sure I got it all right. Anyway, he has a spot on his skull above his left ear. I said, oh, that makes sense, that's where the brain tumor is. She said, well, now "they" don't think that's a brain tumor. it looks like it's a skull met, just like the sinus met he had, and it's pushing into the brain therefore it showed up on the brain MRI. ("they" did tell Dave the brain tumor was on the "surface" of the brain). Would I rather him have a skull met than a brain met? YOU BETCHA. Give him some radiation treatments and zap that baby off the face of the earth! His cancer seems to respond REALLY well to radiation!

Now on to the spine, pelvic bone, left hip. Spine and left hip: not enough uptake to be remarkable. In other words - SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION, ALMOST GONE!!! PELVIC BONE - NED.



On Monday Dave gets a full body CT scan. I pray the liver met is now gone, and everything else is NED!!!!!!

NOW, FOR SOME BAD NEWS, BUT BAD NEWS WITH AN EASY SOLUTION. Dave went in for labs and procrit shot today, and his platelets had plummeted to 29,000! and his red blood was 8. So, he's going to the hospital this afternoon for a platelet and plasma transfusion. I'm glad. Someone tell me if I'm crazy, but I'm glad it's low enough this time for a transfusion, because we are solving the problem, not just sitting and waiting for it to rise. Although his shot up fairly fast week before last. He's probably going to have to spend the night, but he's getting his Dad to bring him the laptop, so he can get on line from the hospital and post.

I should have waited for him to post his good news, but I was so excited I couldn't wait! SORRY, DAVE for stealing your thunder.

I'm actually looking forward to a nice relaxing evening in Dave's hospital room with him. another one of our romantic dates!

God Bless,


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OH THANK YOU GOD - what absolutely great news!!!! I am so glad to log in this p.m. and hear those reports - that REALLY made my day! :D:D:D:D I'll be sending up a special prayer of thanks for you all this afternoon. Really, Karen, I think I am going to cry!! (Tears of joy, you know!)

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I'm glad God believes in miracles.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Chapman's were on the short list for one.

I know they are at least as deserving as I was.

And God gave me a miracle.

Dave, I'm praying for you. May you soon be completely met-free!!!


From another walking miracle survivor,


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We all deserve miracles....and I'm glad to see that David's is the one we all want for him. Enjoy the "Romantic Date" at the hospital....

(Hey, I understand that one. Anyone parenting a toddler fully appreciates those quiet moments, when and where you can find them! LOL)

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What a great report, Karen!! Sounds like most everything is going in the right direction...and I'm so glad.

Do ask David to find out how many mgs of Topo he gets....as I'm just curious.

Again, so glad to hear the Topo appears to be working for him. I get a chest/abd. scan on Monday and a brain MRI on Fri. of next week. Not anxious yet....and trying NOT to be....but we'll see how it goes. Hope I get as good a report as David did!

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THAT'S WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry you gotta stay in the hospital but for it's for a good reason!

WOW, I'm jealous and wish I was doing as good!

Keep me posted, I'm doing a rotten job checking the board cause i'm in nasty mood time :evil: , damn steriods!


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What wonderful, wonderful news!!! I agree! Thank you God!!!

I'm sorry you're having to do the platelet dance... It really, really sucks to have to do. I understand what you mean about being relieved that it's low enough for a transfusion.

Hoping that this is only the beginning of lots of great news for you guys!

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That is just wonderful news. I am so happy for you and Dave. What a relief to hear. Our rad onc's nurse is also named Ruth she is awesome too. That topitican seems to have worked great, hopefully the plateletts stay up and he can finish the chemo.



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:? Never thought I would be glad someone was getting a transfusion...but there you go. Sounds like things are looking up for you guys and it is about time. That chemo is doing one heck of a good job.

Enjoy your romantic evening. Dave may feel like kicking up his heels after this one.


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update - Dave didn't get a plaetlet transfusion, just red blood. I could have sworn Dave told me platelets, but he didn't, and then in a lucid moment explained to me (after the onco doc explained it to him) that platelet transfusions don't last, you get one, and then two or three days later your counts are down again. So he just got plasma.

That's OK, he's got two more weeks before chemo again, hopefully his counts will be up from 29,000 to near 100,000 by then, or at 85,000 he can get the "Addie plan" way of getting chemo.

Anyway, he's home from the hospital and napping and doing OK I think.

I saw "our" onco doc with my Mom not long after Dave was cut loose from the hospital, a follow up from her latest CT scan. Her four liver tumors are "stable" except the biggest one has grown a teensy tiny bit. But that's not bad for colon cancer, which I understand is pretty slow growing. anyway, Mom and the onco doc were trying to figure out which tumor was which - "is the big one the one over on this side or that side" kind of thing, and I said, you guys should name them, you know, Harry, Fred, Bubba, Tom, something like that." My mom said (good answer) I don't want to give them enough justification to actually give them names!

Anyway, things looking up for us, for the time being.

and someone's coming down from D.C. to see our house today, hope they buy it!


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