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Remembering Dave

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When Dave's platelet counts were down week before last, I asked the onco doc's nurse about neumega and she said they didn't like to give it, they didn't see it working well enough to be "worth it."

Our Betty (BetPlace) gets Neumega shots, and that is where I got the idea from to ask.

Today Dave is getting a transfusion (see Test Time forum for details) and he has to get daily neumega shots along with it. So I'm thinking, OK, two weeks ago it wasn't good enough for them, now he HAS to get it?

I did a search on Neumega on this website but didn't come up with anything recent except for Betty's post - and two or three older posts that just mention it.

So I'm wondering - anyone else out there using it? Any side effects? Dave said "they" told him it's got nasty side affects. I printed the patient information from the Wyeth website but it's so technical and I haven't had a chance to read it, plus, I'd rather hear about some real experiences with it because you can never tell what's really likely to happen from the package insert, you know?

Anyway, Dave said he has to go to the onco doc's office to get the shot daily, and every time he sets foot in the place it's a $20 copay, not to mention the inconvenience. I called our wonderful pharmacist and he said he's not licensed to give the injection or to order/sell it either, so that idea is out.

thanks in advance to a wonderful "Brain Trust"!! :D


thanks all,


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I don't know anything about Neumega, but I did receive both Neulasta and Aranesp to keep my counts up so I could continue chemo.

Here is some info on each of these drugs. You may want to bookmark the site:

http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/drug ... 03420.html

http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/drug ... 92033.html

http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/drug ... 02133.html

Hope these links work. Let me know if they don't.

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Pat - read it just now really quickly. Well, the first thing that struck me, and struck me in an amused way, is that all the side affects it lists are just like most of the stuff Dave is currently experiencing - or my mom - or Dave and my Mom combined . . . except for the allergic reaction part. that's something new. anyway, Dave gets those side effects and they don't really bother him that much, so I don't think it's alot to worry about with him. the allergic reaction stuff, though, hmmm.

Fay - the links worked. the one on neumega was interesting because it said it could make you retain fluid and Dave cannot retain fluid, that makes his sodium level decrease - so I will bring this up with the onco doc. thanks for the links!

anyone out there getting these shots and having allergic reactions?



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Check with the insurance company, if you go for SHOTS ONLY, I think it's considered a lab and there isn't a copay. Ask, considering he doesn't see the Dr. just a nurse. Or ask if you can give him the shots at home

(at how many thousand dollars per vial??). oh, yeah, right. :)

Tell Dave in twenty years he won't give a good gosh darn if in this fiscal year he spent 400 vs 500 on copays. Bet he won't even remember.

At least it gives him something to complain about that's a normal gripe.

Safe way to blow off steam. (But I'm sure you're tired of hearing it).

Tell him if he won't complain about the copay you'll take him for ice cream.... :D

Wishing all y'all the best...



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I JUST got off the phone with Dave's case manager at his insurance company. She has just been assigned to his case and didn't have our home number so called me to introduce herself and see how things were going. wish I'd thought to ask her about that. But everytime Dave goes in for labs, he has a $20 copay. Chemo, $20 copay. Doctor's appt., $20 copay.

I'm gonna give her a call back and ask her when I get a minute. I wonder if they are nickeling and diming him when they shouldn't be?

and yeah, it's something relatively harmless for him to gripe about, for sure!


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Hi Karen,

My platelets just dropped last week again. I was down to 29 with low normal being 150 so went through 5 days of Numega shots again. It still dropped down to 25. Yes, it makes you retain fluid, I had lots of water retention with it. You are right David IS experiencing all the same side effects already, the NuMega, however, intensifies it. Both times I felt totally dreadful!! The first time it helped, this time it didn't bring them up anyway, and I ended up having 3 pints of red blood cells transfused this week.

As to why they changed their minds, that is a good guess. Oh and I gave myself the shots, the nurse showed me how, and I took home the needles and the meds and gave myself the shots! Another new skill learned! LOL one I really didn't wan't to learn!

Prayers for you all dear! And give that pretty little girl a hug and kisses from me!



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I would ask for a script for the neumega and attempt to fill it. Then give the shots at home. Thats what I did for the neupogen. The problem is you have to attempt to fill the script to see what happens as not all co's will pay if you do it at home. Its not written in the book, the phamacist cant tell you unless he actually attempts to fill etc....

It saves a ton doing the shots at home and time which is very valubale.


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worked it all out. talked to the case manager at the ins. co. it is covered under his prescription drug plan, only by the mail order service, so she is going to talk to the nurse manager at the onco doc's office and tell her how to get it approved, ordered, etc. Dave hasn't decided for sure whether to do it or not, but at least we know we can do it, money wise ($40 for $3,000 worth of drugs!). The thing is, and Betty is confirming it, is that fluid retention being a big side effect could be quite a problem, since Dave is having the fluid/sodium problem anyway. so we need to talk it over more with our good Dr. S.

thanks for all the input!


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