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husband had first radiation treatment today. what to expect?


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they have changed my husband's treatment. now it will be radiation 5 days per week and carbo,taxotere once a week. this will be until we go back to nys on 23 april and he is evaluated there. right now he just seems tired. what should we expect? thank you. Carole

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I had Carbo/Taxol along with the radiation. My Onc and surgeon was both pleased with the results. My tumor shrunk from 7.5 cm to a microscopic trace. I was inoperable to start with but after the shrinkage I had left lung removed.

As far as your questions about what to expect, remember everyone is different. I had no side effect from treatment. I did get tired and the "hard to swallow deal" tho. Magic mouthwash took care of that. When I had my surgery and while in the hospital, the doctor ordered a GI Cocktail for me. Boy did that do the trick. Cleaned my plate and ask for another. Can you imagine someone asking for a second plate of hospital food? :roll:

Anyway, no hair loss or any thing like that. Hope this helps answer your question. Also hope that Carbo/Taxol/ Radiation does the trick for your husband.

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Everyone is different. I had the same treatment and developed side affects the first week (THIS IS NOT NORMAL). Keep an eye out for thrush in his mouth, I got it 4 times during treatment.

I just hated going in every single day for radiation treatment, taking my shirt off for my male technicial (of course) and getting zapped by the machine. Felt like I was in some sci-fi movie.

Good luck!

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