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Prayers/Good thoughts/Vibes requested for me... Cindi o'h

cindi o'h

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Hey all friends.

I am needing to ask you for a favor. Please keep all good thoughts and prayers, good vibes, all that stuff for me. I am going through a bit of what could be said a stressful time right now. (As if things have not been stressful in the past???)

I haven't been posting about my personal business. It has been way too depressing for me to even consider or think about too much. So.. what do I do? I put on my happy face and go out as if everything is FINE when it has not been. My little pals who I have been in contact with email know somewhat, but that is about all.

What I need is courage. Letting go of all fears and trusting God completely to get me through.

I was dx. over two years ago. I have been in my house for 15 years ago today.. April 6, 1990, I closed on my way too big for me dream home. I worked and struggled like most everyone else does. Car accident in 2001 and a closed spinal cord injury. Lawsuit that resulted in nothing. I was self employed so NO income for 7 months. Almost lost my house then. Stress galore! 2002..dx stage lllb lung cancer. Completely disabled since then. I had JUST taken out a new mortgage on my house to have a cushion IN CASE anything like the car accident were to happen to me again.... two weeks after the mortgage closed I was in the ER and three days later..lc!! out of the Blue! (talk about a "God thing!!!!!")

That money gave me a year of virtually stress free living....not worrying one bit about money or finances! I contribute that to part of my successful recovery with the lung cancer.

I knew that I was going to have to sell my house. I have needed help with it now that the $$ has run out ( a long time ago).. but, I found out that either I don't know how to ask for help or I am barking up the wrong trees. No help to be found.

My home went into foreclosure last Oct. I have had 6 months to redeeem. I have been so sick SOB, Flu, and pneumonitis, heart, hospitalization, pleural fluid, pnuemonia.. the whole thing since Jan...right when I was planning on getting my butt in gear to get this house moved. I was flat in bed. No help. Sicker than a dog, but yucking it up with all of you...!! What else is there??

So. Anyway. About 2 weeks ago, I started to get my poop back! Thank God. I sure didn't expect it. I thought that I was just going to put my old cat, Tim in the car along with my fishing gear and say adios...let's go, old man cat and hang out under a bridge...least we got each other!

So. I started getting around my house a little and picking up this and that and doing some laundry and washing some stinky dishes and I thought..hmmm. Maybe I can get this done in three weeks! I have to close by the 19th of April. I am definitely having a fire sale on my house. It makes me just sick. But, what can I do. Walk away with "something" or walk away with NOTHING. I take the something. I am so grateful that my health is back as well as it is. I am still not great, not even good, but, better than in bed all day.

I have a realtor, I am trying to clean, and pack and sort and throw 15 years of accumulation. I don't know where I will move. Don't have a clue...prayers for this one too, please. (Ask God to put me close to a good and pretty fishing lake for the sake of my spirit) I have lived in the City all this time, raised in the country, doctors are in the city, love the action and conveniences of the City, but the quiet and nature of the country..

I think I am rambling a bit.. but, I have been here long enough and silent enough about my problems. It is time I open up and at least seek out moral support. I need lots of it.

Please don't get me wrong. I am not whining. Not even complaining I don't think. Just in need of miracles of God to get me through...again!

Prayers from friends and strangers got me through the cancer business. Please pray for courage and a lightness in my heart through all of this. That the deal on my house will be "fair" Fair is all I am asking for. And that I will have the strength, stamina, and wherewithall to get this job done. And a new life that makes sense will be open for me.

Thank you guys. Like I say, I don't open up about this personal stuff...so be gentle with me. Please pray for me.

With deep faith and appreciation of you all...

Cindi o'h

(then let's hit the bar after the close and whoop it up!!)

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A pretty good place to go might be near Nashville, Tennessee (Woodlawn area). It's near Vanderbilt University (Dr.David Carbone is there, and he has a special interest in Lung Cancer). There is good fishing in Tennessee and North Carolina. I'm sorry you've has such a rough go of it, and for such a long time. I can relate.

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Cindi Cindi Cindi,

You know from our conversations that I hold you dear in my heart. You have picked me up off the ground many a times, I only wish I could wave that magic wand I talk about and make it all better.

You are a hell of a woman with the worlds kindest heart. Your spirit has lifted many here on this site and many consider you a dear friend. Please know that you have my prayers for strength during this stressful time.

If there is anything I can do, please give me a call - across the river isn't that far away.... :P


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Can't help you with the fishing, girl....unless you wanna come over for some popcorn shrimp... 8) ....but you got my vibes for a smooth move and fewer worries or stresses!

Deep breaths.....you're feeling a little better and this can be done. It's only a house. Your life...your health....is paramount!

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I'm pulling for you that your house sells quick. Sorry you

are having to go through hard times now. May God Bless

you with a financial miracle. Keep the faith and stay positive.

God Bless, prayers andgentle hugs,

God loves you and so do I...


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Cindi Dear, Praying for you to be surrounded by peace and for that house to sell quick and well. Also for a good place for you to live next.

Glad to hear you are up and around a bit now, and praying that will continue to improve.

Love you lots


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I had been wondering how you were really doing....but had no idea it was like this. Talk about stress! Now for the prayers that I know will work. Wishing you a quick sale, a great new place to live (it must have a bar) and hoping that you get stronger each and every day. We love you Cindi,


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It has to sell and you can get one of those cool little apts and have plenty of time for fishing.

Do me a favor and move to NC to be near my brother, he wants me too and of my usband could get transferred we would be there tomorrow. Move near a good friend who can be there for you!

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Hi there Cindy, and welcome to the LCSC. In case you haven't yet been informed....the "S" in LCSC stands for... SUPPORT!!!

Let me explain. When someone is having a tough go of it, let's say there are situations in that person's life that are causing some stress -- enough stress that that person might be in need of a little... "support", and that very same person just happens to be a member of a very caring, SUPPORTIVE community such as LCSC, don't you think it wise to let the supportive community do it's job as each stressful situation arises? Hmmm? :wink: Cindy, instead of catagorizing them into A) Cancer Problems, and B) Personal Problems, and then stockpiling and saving all of one group to yourself because you don't want to "burden" the VERY SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY to which you belong, mix them up a little bit and let the above mentioned supportive community lend it's support to not only scan results, but to all of it - I know these guys can handle the personal finance stuff, and the tough moving decisions, and hell ya, even the cat poo on the dining room carpet just before Thanksgiving dinner.... Get my drift?

Take care Cindy, we're all sending thoughts and prayers.

David P.

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Your situation just breaks my heart. You are such a giving , caring person and I just have to believe that things will all turn out ok. You can count on my prayers and I'm sending a big ole cyber hug (((Cindi))). I'm truly at a loss for words trying to tell you how sorry I am that you are burdened with so much emotionally and physically in your life. Sure hope somehow , somewhere you will get some help. Take care and may you find strength in all the positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

Love, Sue

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We are holding all good thoughts for you.

We care and we are praying that our merciful Abba hold you close and guide you through.

Please, Abba, a fair price and quick sale for Cindi's house and a new, warm, safe and welcoming place to rest.

Love, hugs and concern,


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Why oh why do we have to deal with so many of life's issues and lung cancer at the same time? I think one begets the other. I am sending my prayers that this move will be a fresh new start for you. I wish you could get some help. Packing and moving and all that goes with it is so much to handle, especially for one person. God will give you the strength you need to get through this, both physical and mental, and when you reach the other side, you will see how strong you really are.

Hang in there......

And I'm so glad you are feeling better!


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Cindi, when I read the first part of your post, my first thought was "oh yeah, define STRESS." -- ha!

You know I had one of those personal crises recently myself. It does get better. I can say that in my situation, it isn't what I'd consider optimal now, but it's better.

You have all the prayers and good wishes I can send your way right now. You are a trooper -- gotta love those times when the energy flows like it's supposed to!

Hang in there, you and your old man cat.


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We're always here for you, no matter what the issue is. I'm so sorry you have to face all these burdens. Who knows why all this stuff happens to people who are already struggeling with illness? God will see you thru this and all will be well. Trust in Him. We all care deeply for a good outcome for you. ((()))


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Well, dear friend, you should have shared some of this with us a long time ago!

I know how you feel, sort of. In a way, we are selling our house now so we won't get in a jam later, if things don't improve, if Dave doesn't improve, if finances don't improve, so I understand. it took us a good six months to decide to sell our dream house, I couldn't bear the thought of "giving up" what we worked so hard to get, then I told myself, and you will, too - it's only a house, it's only material things. A home is where you hang your hat, OK?

You WILL get through this. Just take one hour at a time, do what you can.

I like Fay's idea of Tennessee. Sounds good to me!

Hang in there, kiddo, and keep us posted.

God Bless,


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