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My name is Tina . I am writing from Spain ...my friend and husband suffered from small cell lung cancer and has died of it 28 Feb this year.

I don't need to tell you what it means. Its all and everything and only people who have expirienced the loss of a beloved one know what it means.

The immediate thoughts of suicide followed by facing a world which has changed totally.

People one once knew and have disappeared, people which don't want to know ...bla bla

You might guess that I am not a believer in god and I hope this does not upset anyone ????

I cannot see any sense anymore......

So there it is ....I keep reading and want to keep informed about any news concerning sclc.

Merck was working on a treatment option ?

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Hi Tina,

I am so glad you came on board. your story saddens me but you know what. Life does go on and as the days go by you will heal just a little more. we women are strong. if we can go through child birth we can do anything. we all have our love ones. some of us go on for many years with them and others only have a short time with theirs. Why, no one knows. you say you don't believe in God. that is your right but where oh where did you get the gift to love for your mate.

There are many women and men on here who are like you, have lost their loved one and had and are presently having a very hard time dealing with it. I can't imagine that losing a loved one would ever be easy. It wouldn't have been love if we didn't care about them. My husband is now going through this lc thing. I lost my mom, dad, brother and three dear friends to it. Each loss was horrible in its own way but i did get through it and you will too if you let yourself start to see the sun come up and all the beautiful things around you. Maybe you could say on here and help us though our hurts now. I don't know if any of this makes since but I do hurt for you today but I know your hurt each day will get a little less and you will find your way through life. One never knows what is around that next corner..... God Bless

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Guest Betty

tina.....my love is dying of nsclc w/ mets to brain. I read your post & felt your feelings...what can I say, I am dying myself.

Right now I don't know if I believe anymore there is a God & I did before...such is life...

When he goes my world goes too.........I don't think I'm strong enough, I'm not without him...

Just to say...I know what you feel

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I found this when Richard was still with me and it became our little helper...Richard liked it a lot and I would like to share it with you.I hope it is ok.

The Ten Commandments for Cancer Survival

Paul H. Klein

Excerpt from Cancer Shmancer

Last Reviewed: February 5, 2002

1. Thou shalt regard the word, "Cancer", as exactly that: a word. Nothing more, nothing less. For its original meaning hast changed mightily over the years, as have such words as Smallpox, Tuberculosis. and Polio, all once dreaded ailments, now no longer fearsome for, to them, hast come The Answer. And thus, too, shall go thy cancer. The Answer shall come to those who shall be present to hear it. Be present to hear it when it comes.

2. Thou shalt love thy chemotherapy, thy radiation, thy monoclonal antibodies, thy vaccines, and thy other treatments even as thyself, for they are thy friends and champions. Although they may exact a toll for their endeavors, they are oft most generous in the favors they bestow.

3. Thou shalt participate fully in thy recovery. Thou shalt learn all the details of thy ailment, its diagnosis, its prognosis, its treatments, conventional and alternative. Thou shalt discuss them openly and candidly with thy oncologist and shalt question all thou do not comprehend. Then, thou shalt cooperate intelligently, and knowledgeably with thy doctor.

4. Thou shalt regard thy ailment as a temporary detour in thy life and shalt plan thy future as though this detour had not occurred. Thou shalt never, at no time, nohow, regard thy temporary ailment as permanent. Thou shalt set long-term goals for thyself. For thou will verily recover and thy believing so will contribute mightily to thy recovery.

5. Thou shalt express thy feelings candidly and openly to thy loved ones for they, too, are stricken. Thou shalt comfort and reassure them for they, too, needest comforting and reassurance, even as thou doest.

6. Thou shalt be a comfort to thy fellow-cancerites, providing knowledge, encouragement, understanding and love. Thou shalt give them hope where there may be none, for in hope lies their salvation. And by doing so, thou providest comfort for thyself, as well.

7. Thou shalt never relinquish hope, no matter how thou may feelest at that moment, for thou knowest, in the deep recesses of thy heart, that thy discouragement is but fleeting and that a better day awaits thee, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps the day after tomorrow.

8. Thou shalt not regard thy ailment as the sum total of thy life but as merely a part of it. Fill thy life with other diversions, be they mundane, daring, altruistic, or merely amusing. To fill thy life with thy ailment is to surrender to it.

9. Thou shalt maintain, at all times and in all circumstances, thy sense of humor, for laughter lightens thy heart and hastens thy recovery. This is not an easy task, sometimes seemingly impossible, but it is a goal well worth the endeavor.

10. Thou shalt have enduring and unassailable faith, whether thy faith be in a Supreme Being, in Medical Science, in Thy Future, in Thyself, or in Whatever. Steadfastly sustain thy faith for it shall sustain thee.

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Guest Betty

Thou shall give this to thy mate...........and maybe one to thy doctor.

What can I say? Thanks & maybe in this your mate will have helped another ....in more ways then you know.

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