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cindi o'h

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It is only Thursday, but I have a big feeling that I will be putting in some overtime hours behind this bar serving up CharlieD and all of his lush, lush friends and dragalongs.

Let's wish CharlieD a very Happy First Anniversary! One year ago today.

He is a real fine fellow with a great big heart and need I say, a courageous lung.. he is a Timex watch... the bugger takes a lickin and keep on tickin!

May I be first to congratulate you on your ONE year anniversary! Way to go, CharlieD! Top shelf all the way for you, Charlie...what's your flavor today?

(Anybody else have celebrations that we can have a pour of a stiff one?)

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I'll hoist one for Charlie....you betcha. Should we be calling these Happy Cancerversaries? :?

Nah....I don't guess that's necessary. Happy and Cancer don't really go together very well.....do they? :roll:

I'm working on a year of survivorship myself.....next month. Will let you know. Lampshades WILL be required for everyone's heads, as you come to the pub for your favorite libation......okay?

Congrats Charlie!! Keep racking 'em up!

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Cheers to Charlie D. Congratulations on 1 year.

On Sunday it will be my 2 year anniversary from Diagnosis. I sure wouldn't mind a few toasts to that! Never thought I'd be here this long!

(You all know how that feels!!)


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OH MY GOD. Just sat down to type a post to announce my one year anniversary and there it was. Brought tears to my eyes. Cindi o'h, you are something else. You never miss a trick.

One year ago today I was thinking about what type and color casket I wanted and where to be buried. Thanks to the wonderful people on this site, I quickly determined that that dog wasn't gonna hunt. (redneck term for no freakin way) I truly give credit to you fabulous people for your wisdom, counsel, encouragement, kindness and most of all prayers for getting me where I am today. It would be impossible to try to single out individuals, but one message stuck with me from the very first and it was a statement from JIMBEN about Normal. Can't recall precisely but he said that everyone wants things to stay normal. But normal isn't normal any more so just change normal. I CHANGED MY NORMAL AND IT AINT BAD - FACT IS, IT'S GRRRRREAT!!!!

I really feel great. Primary tumor in rt lung is a little smaller than I when I started and the minute thingy on my left lung is the same and sometimes doesn't show up on the scan. Pleural Effusion is stable, so I feel pretty good about things. Thank God.

Soooooooooooo Cindi, keep the bar open. Top notch rotgut today. Tangueray, 4 fingers in a huge water glass and a jalapeno stuffed green olive over ice for me.

I'll stop rambling but I am over elated and could talk all night. Thanks again to you all. God Bless you every one.


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Yo Cynd,

Give me the same as Charlie D. And buy another round for him from me.


Bottoms up for your 1st anniversary and cheers for your second and so on and on and on etc... :wink:


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