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Wheatgrass Juice

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Does anyone out there drink Wheatgrass juice regularly?

I have had it a few times over the past year or so, but discovered this morning that the restaurant/juice bar in my office lobby sells it in small "shot glasses" (1 oz shot or 2 oz shot), so I had a 1 oz "shot".

It's supposed to be SUPER GOOD for your body, but taste like you are drinking clippings from your freshly cut lawn :roll:

Here's a link to some info: http://www.mpacorn.com/News/2003/1016/H ... _Wellness/

Any thoughts?

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My sister drinks this regularly and has always been healthy.

I think the studies showed that it had to be fresh and has to be consumed a hour after it is made to be effective. She tried to get my dad to drink it but he couldn't stand the taste. Also, the whole foods store was pretty far from their house so to avoid the drive everyday he would have had to buy the $300 grass blender and make it himself. He didn't go for it.

But I think you are right, I hear this is supposed to be great for the body.

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Interesting, Katie -- I LIVE at the local Whole Foods Market (less than a mile from my house), but I don't think they sell it there, other than frozen packets, which taste watery when defrosted.

It's funny -- I never even knew this juice place in my office lobby sold the stuff, and while I was ordering it, I bumped into a co-worker who said she drinks it daily, and then another guy came in off the street and asked if they sold wheatgrass juice.

I was a little concerned that perhaps no one really drank it and their wheatgrass was sitting there, getting moldy on a shelf or something, but apparently they have a pretty high turnover on the stuff so it must be pretty fresh.

They juice it for you on the spot and give it to you in a little shot glass to drink right away. Pretty interesting stuff!

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Our wholefoods market has a cafe-type thing inside and they blend all kinds of juices and grasses and make other things. I like the berry cakes and breads myself and we go there a couple of times a month, but it is about 25 minutes from my parents home and he just wouldn't do it everyday.

My sister swore it would be the "cure" for my dad, but I am more inclined to think that it would be more of a preventative than a remedy for an existing condition.

If you do begin to drink it regularly, let us know if you can tell the difference in your health and energy levels. I would be interested to hear your experience as my sister tends to exaggerate almost everything! :wink: And if it works, hey, I'm not opposed to drinking alittle grass if it keeps me healthy!

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They sell it in shots at whole foods near me too! You are encouraged to hold it in your mouth before swallowing although I am not sure why. I have heard it can be put into smoothies. It is actually picked right there and blended before your eyes.

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