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Switching Treatments


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I have a question for you all. Thought I'd try it out here before I headed over to Ask the Experts.

Mom has been struggling with her blood counts, especially her platelets. Last week they weren't able to do the chemo because her platelets were in that dread limbo land where they were too low for treatment and too high for transfusion. That was the first time that has happened.

Mom has had to have several transfusions for RBC, WBC, and platelets dropping too low. She's doing the Procrit and Neulasta (did I get that right) thing.

The doctor wants to discontinue the current treatment (Cisplatin/Gemzar) in favor of something else. We don't know what yet.

And being that I'm a nervous wreck about everything lately... I'm worried he is going down this, "Switch treatments" road too soon.

Does what is happening sound practical and make sense to you all? What have your experiences been?

And darn it, am I the only one who goes into patches of hyper-anxiety that last for weeks. Was going along just fine and then boom--everything Mom or Dad tell me makes me hyperventilate.

Thanks as always you wonderful people!

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It makes sense that if your mom is unable to tolerate the side effects of the current chemo due to low counts, then it is not a benefit to her. (Especially isn't a benefit if she can't get the treatment) I'm not sure how many treatments she's already had, but they usually give a short "break" before starting another regimine.

I was on Taxol/Carbo and could not complete the 6 course regimine and then went to Taxotere and also could only get 5 of 6 treatments due to the low counts. It's not uncommon.

I know that you are concerned, but it sounds like the doc's are working in her best interest.


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My suggestion would be:

Ask if the tx she has rec. been effective.

Can the dose be changed to once per week instead of every 3 wks.

If the chemo has been effective. Maybe it won't be as harsh on her

system and counts. It will be a gradual accumulation of chemo. Each

person is different. I think it's common for blood counts to drop during

chemo. Mine did and I had the shots too.

This is just my suggestion.

Your baby is precious.

God Bless, prayers and gentle hugs,


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