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All you California people !!!!

We will be driving from San Diego to San Francisco for our anniversary trip. We don't have many days, but wonder what you west coast people recommend for visiting. Are there really whales out there? :D

The Phillies will be in San Francisco on the 8th, so we may go see that too.



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Check out the Channel Islands off the coast of Santa Barbara (there's whales in them there waters, there are also Great White Sharks). There are boat tours for whale watchers,or head north and take a canoe out into Morro Bay. Stay at the Madonna Inn near Pismo Beach (each room has a theme), check out the town of Solvang (everthing dutch and an incredible place to shop). There's Ostrich Land where you can get up close to these incredible birds (take off your jewelry, though, because they really like sparklies). The town of Gilroy hosts the Garlic Festival, but I'm not sure when. Take a tour of one of the wineries. They're all over the place. Wander around San Luis Obispo. It's one of the most beautiful little towns I've ever seen. Visit the La Pursima Mission in Lompoc, California, the most completely restored of all of the California Missions.

Fay A.

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I agree with the suggestions already given and would also like to suggest a couple places. I love Pismo Beach and a hotel there called "The Cliffs." It is in the Entertainment Book that is available nationwide. I would suggest you get one if you don't already have one. You can get a room there at 1/2 price Sun-Thurs. The ocean suites have a sunken marble jacuzzi tub 10 feet from the bed. The bedroom opens up to the ocean. It is first class. Beautiful restaurant, health club, the works. Antique furniture in the room , bathrooms have bidets. Anyway, Pismo Beach is known for it's clam chowder due to the Pismo clam. Great beachside community. I also love Monterrey and Carmel. There is a fabulous aquarium in Monterrey and Carmel is known for it's artists community and of course, it's beauty. The Hearst Castle is not too far from there. Anyway, lots to do and see. I live 15 miles south of Malibu in Culver City, Ca.. This is where they film Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. This is also where they filmed the original Wizard of Oz. Let me know if you need anything else. I can always send maps, phone numbers, or brochures.

Have a great trip! :D:D

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How fun! I am very familiar with the northern california area. I'm going to list things South to North as if you are driving down to San Francisco from San Diego.

If you can, check out Monterey and go to Cannery Row. "Bumba Gumps" is a great restaurant where they serve buckets of shrimp. There is a aquatic museum center there too. You can rent kayaks and go on the beach and get a real close look at the seals. There is also diving equipment and bikes you can rent.

Santa Cruz beach boardwalk and wharf is fun. If you have kids they will love this too.

San Jose: There is a tech museum for computer whizes. Lots of nightlife with great restaurants in downtown San Jose. There is also a cute new Italian looking outside mall with some very nice stores called "Santana Row." It has a lot of character.

Palo Alto: go to University Avenue for some shopping, lunch or dinner. Stanford University is right down the way.

San Francisco: Fisherman's Wharf, North Beach area for dinner, Pier 39, Union Square (for some shopping), Palace of Fine Arts/Exploratorium ...if you have kids they will love the Exploratorium (Science Exhibits)

Feel free to email me for info! I use to live in San Francisco and I'd love to help you with your trip!

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