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Ok, Ok Peggy I'll do it


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Our dear Peggy is very busy these days and has asked me to take interim chairwomanship of the Getting Smaller Club.

So a few days late and a few pounds too fat, I am here to get the April reports of all our members.

Remember, anybody can join and there are no dues.

The club is just to encourage those of us who would like to lose a few pounds and find the svelte person inside of us.

I am remaining the same, bummer. Want to lose 10 lbs. before my neighborhood reunion in June.

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It's the Easter Bunny....All those chocolate chicks & bunnies, the jelly beans, and caramel eggs. And don't forget the Leprachaun from St. Patrick's Day. His "Pot of Gold" is actually filled with gold foil wrapped chocolate coins. And then there's the corned beef, lamb stew, and all the Ale. St. Paddy's and Easter were only 10 days apart this year.

No numbers to report this time. I can't count that high. :shock:

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I have been horrible lately. I was doing wonderful on Atkins had lost 20 lbs feeling great. Then Joel was diagnosed in Dec and it has been down hill for me since then. People bringing all these fatting goodies over during his recovery. That it what started it for me and has been downhill or should I say UPHILL with my weight since then. :(

Off Atkings gained 12 lbs and just cannot stop eating, bread, cake, just stuffing myself. I am so depressed... I hate myself right now.

And on top of it all, I just got a letter for our 40th class reunion... HELP.... :shock::shock::shock:


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