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The radiation oncologist sent Dave's bone scan report and latest brain MRI to the neurosurgeon. the neurosurgeon's assistant called yesterday and said he wants ANOTHER brain MRI, so Dave is getting that done today. I told her he just had one two weeks ago, but she said that wasn't recent enough. Monday afternoon we go see him with the bone scan films, and hopefully he'll make a definitive conclusion as to what is going on with Dave's noggin' - brain tumor, skull tumor, or both (sure hope not).

Monday, he also gets head and chest CT scans, ordered by the onco doc. Sure hope they look as good as the bone scan appears to look! we meet with the onco doc Wed., so by then we should have some real answers on what's going on

Prayers for my wonderful hubbie!


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Hi Karen,

I hope all comes out well with Dave's brain scan and it comes back empty headed. Wouldn't that be just wonderful news to be empty headed... :D

Prayers going out to him tonight after I am off of here.

Hang in there Karen, thinking of you also.


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he's got a skull met. no brain met there. that's good. the neurosurgeon is saying the radiation damage behind the bonkitis in the brain is still just that, as far as he can tell. however, he did point out a small, very small spot on the brain, it is just at his hair line, back from the left eye. the hospital radiologist did compare this MRI to the last one and said it was there last time, but with no change (or very very little change) AND I think they're not sure it's a brain met.

so we have the skull met to deal with. guess we'll get that all talked out on wed. with the onco doc, we'll also get the results of today's CT scans then as well.

so, good news, I guess. as least it all seems like something we can deal with.


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