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How do you describe your medport or portacath?


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I got a pm from someone asking what it was.....

Best I could answer was a little thing under the skin hooked up to the veins that could be accessed with a needle directly into the port's diaphragm, and sparing veins from being tapped every time you get chemo. The advantage being, you dont have to hunt for a vein after chemo has them all hiding... and there's no way for germs to get in because it's not like leaving an IV catheter in.

How you would describe it?


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"How do you describe your mediport or portacath?"

Um......As the only thing on my chest worth the cost of installation.

Oh...and then there's...The only thing on my chest worthy of a close look.

or maybe "The only thing on my chest that's still holding its shape."

Okay, okay. I'll quit.

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Ok Fay I know what they look like.

Another big advantage to a port is that the line from the port runs up to very near the heart. This way the chemo is not so had on your veins, because it has a chance to dilute quickly. There is more blood available for the chemo to dilute with. If you use the numbing cream before access there is no pain.

They do remain firm but small.


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