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now my F/I/L has LC, this has to be a nightmare


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as older members of the board know, I lost my mom to LC in August of 2003, my dad to LC in June of 2004. then my sister got Dx'd with breast cancer the day we burried dad and yesturday we found out my father in law is stage 4 NSCLC. Mets everywhere. He is a firefighter who also smoked. between the 2, he was exposed to so much smoke and carcinogens. He collapsed in his bathroom and after two full days of tests we got the news. mets to the brain, adrenals, kidneys, liver and both lungs. the say weeks. He is passing on any treatment. The dr.s tell us there is so much cancer that they are not sure he could survive the first treatment.

we are going to support this decision, but my husband is dying inside. he stood by me when it was me going through it with my own parents and after 14 years of marriage I feel his dad is mt dad.

I just can not believe this is happening again. how much can a person withstand before the think there is some sort of curse following them.

I am absolutely numb and thank god for my meds I went back on.

were moving his dad in with us so I can take care of him. Unfortunately I have lived hospice twice now and can do what he needs done. he still has his sense of humor but I am afraid the meds to reduce his brain swelling will take that light from his eyes very soon.

I am not sure how I will get through this onem i guess like with both my mom and dad, I just went through the motions.

cancer is just a family destroying nightmare.

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I am so sorry. That is way to o much to have to go through with this beast. I will be praying for you, your husband and your family. I will pray that God gives you the strength you will need through this - and I am sure he will.

God Bless,


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Oh Shellie,

What can I say, what can anyone say?! This is just too terrible! I hope you will be able to keep your father-in-law peaceful and pain free. God Bless you for your devotion. You and all your family will be in my prayers. Love,Paddy

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I am speechless too! But him being a firefighter, I never thought about them.......imagine what they are exposed too!

I can not believe how this is running in families (I mean I believe that part) but not crossing to the other side (there's no link) it only goes to show how out of control this all is!

You are in my thoughts and prayers!

We have to find a cure for lung cancer! and other cancers!

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Oh Shellie -- I don't know what to say either. I had to look at your title and your name at least a couple of times to make sure it was you. You are living a nightmare. There's no doubt about it. It has to stop sometime and soon. In the meantime prayers to you for the strength to carry on and care for your father-in-law. Prayers for all of you.

Gail p-m

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Shellie, when I read what is going on with your family and all the hardships you have been through it is hard to find the right words of comfort. Nothing I can think of could be enough for all the pain you have endured.

My heart breaks for you and your family. You are a wonderful daugher-in-law to take care of you FIL...he is blessed as everyone in your family is to have you.

I pray for strength for you as your seem to be the caregiver in these situations.

Please always know that we are here to send prayers show support and a shoulder to cry on.

I pray for a lighter load for you to carry.


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I am just at a loss for words. This is so unbelievably cruel.

My thoughts are with you and your husband, as well as your father in law. He is very fortunate to have you take care of him in his final weeks. I wish him much comfort and peace knowing that you are there for him.


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oh Shelly,

Where does one find the fairness in all of this? It seems incredibly cruel that this is happening to you again. NO ONE should have to know as much about Lung Cancer and Hospice as you are forced to know... I don't know what to say to make anything less painful. I am just so very sorry :cry:

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Ah, Shelly,

If this were fiction no one would believe it. I am so very very sorry.


My prayers are with you and your husband and his father. Bless your FIL for having given so much in service to others.

Job had very little on you, dear.


Prayers, always,


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