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My clever sister!!


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Hi All

I hope that Jana doesn't mind me posting this, but I wanted to share with you all the good work that she has been doing.

Since Mum's diagnosis, but especially in the last 6 months, Jana has been lobbying our Cancer Council and the Australian Lung Foundation to do something to increase awareness for lung cancer. And basically been hitting one brick wall after another. Well, finally, she is getting somewhere. The Australian Lung Foundation have offered her a position as State Coordinator for Western Australia (a new position for the organisation)!!! It is very exciting, and will give her (and me) the opportunity to start getting some things done to raise awareness (and hopefully funding) for lung cancer.

She has to meet with the directors first, and then decide whether she will have the time to devote to this, given that she is expecting her first baby in September. I just wanted you all to know how hard she has been working, and to encourage everyone to keep shaking things up - sometimes it really does pay off!!


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Thanks sis! I am not as modest as you think :) as I put up a post about this in the Activism Forum earlier this morning.

I think that alot of what has enabled Karen and me to be so confidently vocal in our attempts to improve the situation in our state (and Australia) is the passion of everyone here at lchelp. I have no doubt that without this forum I wouldn't be about to embark on this position. Of course the support of my sister is invaluable also :) It really is a team effort.



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