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Here Ye, Here Ye, A special announcement for all to read.

Someone very special who is always in our hearts is celebrating a very special B-Day

The big day is Tursday, April 14th.

HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY... CINDI :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

This is cause for a very special party at Cindi’s bar that will be open all night.

You can bring, booze, food, desserts, gag gifts, good wishes etc.

I am going to do the decorations with “ over the hill stuff, old fart etcâ€

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Altho I can't make the party, I am sure there will be enough people to have a good time. I know Frank is going to hate this. Perhaps you can save him a Bud Light. And Ginny, don't go getting yourself arrested now :lol: . We would just have to stop the party to bail you out.

Happy 50th Cindi. Hope you have 50 more.

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well..Marianne.. you little dickens!! When I saw a "lady" was having a 50th, I KNEW that couldn't be me...I ain't NO lady! I am a rascal, cuz I got you all fooled into believing that I'm a lady..hahaha . I got a potty mouth, but a funny potty mouth.

I am definitely up for a party. And I will be on your side of the bar on the 14th whooping it up with the rest of you, dancing the funky chicken and acting as nuttsie as I can (clothes on, though)

Thanks gang, you are all the best. Couldn't ask for a better party or a better group to whoop it up with! love you all.

cindi o'h

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I have dusted off my best lampshade and I'm ready. But only 50???? Sheesh....you're still a spring chicken, Cin! :wink:

50 was my epiphany. There's something about that half century mark that is liberating and illuminating! I don't expect it'll take you long to discover that...and I look forward to what you have to say about it! 8)

Meanwhile....let the good times roll. I like a party that starts early and lasts beyond the actual occasion.

Having said that...my 59th is coming up in September. Anyone inclined to start the party in July will get first whack at the Margaritas....deal? :roll::wink:

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Oh boy! Cindi is turning 50!!!! I'll be there and I'll bring the music!!! Let's see, what would Cindi listen to........ How about Queen? Abba? Wham? (I'm trying to reach back now Cindi :P ) Aerosmith for sure!!!!

We can all rock out, we may be huffin & puffin, but it'll be a good time :lol:8):lol:8)


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Party has started!!

I just said goodnight to the realtor. I just love this young woman. She is a wonderful person who has made this transaction as painless and simple as she could for me.

Looks like we will close on Friday...I guess that is tomorrow, 'cuz it is after midnight here which means that it IS my birthday! Wow! I remember when I was just a freckle-faced little girl..what a cutie I was!

Honestly ya'll. I am kind of amazed that I am still here. There was a part of me that believed that I would whoop this lc, and another part of me that didn't dare look too far into the future. I remember thinking that 50 seemed too far away...and NOW I am here and turning 50 is definitely cause for celebration.

So, have one (at least one) with me if you are so inclined.

Maryanne, it is good of you to be working in my place and taking the responsibilities of decorations, pouring, cleaning up and I know that I will need a designated driver and I am thinking Addie might too!

Thanks gang. Feels great to be Fifty! Maryanne... to start, a margarita rocks, please.

love, Cindi o'h

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I am finding it very hard to say Happy Birthday, my head is reeling after that fantastic pub party last night. 50, you are no longer a teenager and can't blame your mistakes on youth, ha.

Looks like we are both making settlement tomorrow. I wish you happiness and good health in this next venture in your life.


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