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anyerusm update (new update on Today's procedure)


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I am cheating and cutting and pasting a message I sent to family and friends earlier today: :)

Greetings from Anxiety Disorder Land,

Hi peoples. We need lots of prayers and good wishes for my beautiful dear mommy.

We met with the Radiology Interventionist doctor today. Here is the deal: IF her cold gets better or does not get worse (bad cold timing), on Thursday she will have a cerebral angiograpy wherein they insert a catheter and inject dye in the brain. Her risk of stroke from that procedure is 1 in 200.

IF from the angiography the shape of the anyersum is favorable for coiling (the preferred less invasive technique), they have scheduled anasthesia to be on "stand by" and the procedure will be done and she will be in ICU for one night. Risk of catastrophe is 10%. Likelihood I will be drugged on Xanax while waiting is much higher, around 99%.

If the shape is not good, she goes home, I call the dr for more Xanax, and then we revisit neurosurgeons again for bigger surgery.

So that's it :) Wish us luck!

Hugs, Kisses, Cancer Cure wishes, and Anyerusm sucess,

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Thanks everyone.

Karen--she is getting it done at Hoag. She loves Hoag Hospital :) They are so nice there. Cedars is a bit further too. But thank you, you just reminded me, I do need to cancel the consult she has at Cedars this week, I forgot till now :oops:

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My mom had the angiogram today. They could not do the minimally invasive coiling b/c of the shape of the anyerusm. However there is a new procedure, FDA approved two years ago, where she can get the coiling done with a metal shunt. Risk of death or stroke goes up, but still not as high as surgery.

Now we need to wait another two weeks for this. Ay caramba!

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Yes technology is amazing!!!! My mom is nervous. She is tired of all of this and just wants it to be done. She was really cranky before, but I think she calmed some b/c she was finally able to go to the bathroom. Very uncomfortable when you have to poop and pee, yet you cannot get up for 4 hours! :)

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Wow Andrea, talking about a rollercoster ride. Your nerves must be shot. Your poor mom, she just wants to get this over with. All these postponements are nerve racking.

But this could turn out to be a good thing. I have confidence that she will be fine.

Praying with all good healing thoughts going out to your mom. Hang in there,


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