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"Finally, some good news"


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Journal Excerpt:

Monday, April 11th Well, well. A pretty good day, overall. A day of small miracles. None of which had to do immediately with my treatment, but, a cause for celebration, nonetheless. One of the sidebars to my illness has always how to pay for it - and to keep body and soul together at the same time. Much of that pressure has now eased.

At 7:30 am Monday, I had a telephone interview with the good folks at the Social Security Administration. The minute I heard that I had such a debilitating and costly disease, I applied for disability. This may seem self-evident to a good number of people, but I had to hear about it from one of the nurses at Tacoma General. Luckily, you can do almost the entire application from home, on-line. On-Line!? What is this world coming to?

After gathering the necessary documents (names and addresses of doctors and hospitals; dates; facts and figures, etc.) I simply plugged the info into the machine “which shall be obeyedâ€

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I am so glad that you have made headway on this and that it has been relatively straightforward and simple for you. With all that we go through in fighting lc, the last thing anyone needs is the financial stress. I am glad that you have cleared a path for yourself and that things will take care of themselves. Best wishes now to concentrate only on your treatments and only getting better.

Cindi o'h

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Uncle Doug-

Glad you got the Social Security stuff started. When my cancer came back I went in and quit my job and called social security, now I have to wait 6mths for my first check but I'm now sick enough to get it! Wonder if I should be happy or not. Luckily I have great insurance and small co-payments ($20, use to be $10). Between the two surgeries ($20 a piece), 33 rounds of radiation ($20 once) and 8 rounds of chemo ($20 each)......I have been lucky!

Now with re-dx I have the $20 with each chemo. My husband will never be able to quit his job cause of the insurance!

Good luck!

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