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Ron admitted to hospital yesterday


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Ron was admitted to hospital yesterday after visiting the emergency department with extreme SOB. He had seen his onc. on Monday and at that time we requested an abdominal cscan ASAP with many cuts to interstitial area. Lung SATS were 96. When he was trying to breath his whole abdomen would move. This continued through Monday night and appeared even to worsen on Tuesday am. Ron's son took him to emergency yesterday and he was admitted after chest xrays, blood work etc. He was give IV with steroids and hooked up to oxygen. His breathing was less stressed when I left him at 10:20 last night. The MD said that a catscan would be completed today. In meantime, central booking called to give him his appointment for tomorrow (that was for the detailed scan that the onc. wants ASAP). Will the catscan today be the same as the one the onc. wanted? The one he usually has is done with gastagraphin - he has to fast from midnight and drink the mix.

I'm leaving work now to go back up to the hospital to see if we've made any progression. One part of me is so afraid that we're in big trouble and the more logical side thinks no way could cancer rear its ugly head this way over a period of several days. I hope the logical part is right.

Please pray for us - we will battle this whatever the results. We're really thankful for the wonderful (almost 13 months) we've had even with the chemo, radiation and numerous scans etc. and we're more than willing to fight again.

I'll update when I get a little more to go on.

Thanks for listening.


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Hi Janet..

Used to be in the old days, that it would be your family doc that would take care of you if you went into the hospital. Not any more. Now you get people who basically specialize in hospital medicine.

The last time that I was in, I went to the hospital where my pulmonologist practices on purpose. I asked them to consult with her on my behalf, since she knew me better than any of them. (and she is smart)

I kept hounding them..the nurses and docs until I knew that she had been reached. I felt a whole lot better when I knew that she was on board with my care.

Could you get Ron's onc. involved in his care at the hospital? Does Ron have a pulmonologist?

ps...I still don't think that it is cancer that is causing his SOB. Hope that whatever is doing it is very treatable.

I will be praying for you.

Cindi o'h

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Ron met with his oncologist last night with scan results. There's evidence of fluid in both lungs and around the heart. He's having the fluid drained and analyzed today with the expectation that the chance of it being benigh pretty much zero. The plan following confirmation is to start chemo using taxtotere. This will begin Friday or early next week. Ron's handling the news quite well - is already pegged as the "comedian patient." He wants to go back into the fight head on and has no desire to stop doing what he normally does - sing, play guitar and drive his boat this summer. This is his down time for work so he's pretty much free and clear to have fun.

He has been very lucky to have had a pretty decent life since the diagnosis last March and we'll continue to be thankful for each and every day.

Thanks for your concern and prayers - they mean so much.

He's still pretty adamant that he will not give up until the fat lady sings the blues. So for now he's bringing the "animal" back to take on the little beast.

Thanks for having been so helpful - this site has been a godsend for me through these last several months.


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