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Prayers for Beth


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Thanks guys!

Had the CT Scan, had to brink barium (sp?) and had dye! The stuff you drink is some nasty stuff, 3 16oz glasses...............ick!

Wheezing a lot today but it's rainey, wonder if part of my problem is the weather?! My allergy pills have been changed so we will see.

Supposed to get the results tomorrow, trying not to bite anyone's head off, but I want to so bad! Scared! Thought about Lucie and Don Wood while I had the scan, Lucie is one tough lady....if she can do it....so can I!

I'll post when I know something!

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I'm with ya on that barium stuff! When I go for a ct scan, the other people in the waiting room who are drinking their barium always give me looks like, "Hey! why doesn't SHE have to drink this stuff???" I tell them, I'm lucky (?) I'm only here for a chest ct! Always look at the bright side!

Praying for good results!


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Oh now.. I remember when I was 16 years old and had to go in for appendix xray. That is when they loaded you up with barium up the wazoo. Everyone was sitting in the corridor waiting for their turn at the xray machine.

I looked at all the (old)people's shoes and saw all these white spots on their shoes..."Mom, why does everyone have those white spots on their shoes?"

After it was my turn on the xray table, and the barium up the wazoo, I figured it out when I went running to the bathroom and got spots on my shoes too! hahhahaha

Like TAnn says...Can always be worse...we are just lucky!

Cindi o'h

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I hope you get some sleep tonight and not be worrying about the results tomorrow. It would not do you any good to be walking around all night. :roll:

Let us know ASAP what the results are.

Sending prayers your way!!


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