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All the Test Results for Dave

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Saw the onco doc today. Here's the deal:

1. Liver tumor NED (bye bye liver tumor!)

2. Lower spine, pelvic and left hip bones - he's calling them STABLE. Radiation onco doc looked at the films last week and thought they were all almost gone. We see him again Friday so will get his opinion on that again.

3. Skull met, above left ear: onco doc doesn't want to radiate it just yet, wants to wait and see if the chemo gets it.

4. spot on brain near temple, left side: not worried about it, will follow it with brain MRI's.

5. LUNGS - improvement! Improvement from what, I said (since he doesn't have any recurrence there that we've known of). Scar tissue, onco doc says - it's cleared up some. OK, we'll take that as a bonus point!

So, I'd say that Dave is a little ahead of the game, which is great, considering he's only been able to have three out of six chemo treatments so far, due to low blood counts, which reminds me, his hemaglobin was 8.5, so he's going into the hospital tomorrow for another blood transfusion.


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wonderful news!

thank God for blood donors.. a reminder for all those who can donate to donate. It just warms my heart that there are people who actually do give a gift of life.. I received blood too, Dave, and it was one of the most humbling experiences of my life... there are no words to describe the feeling that I had.

Get some really red stuff.. it is the best!

love, Cindi o'h

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Do the phrase..."TOPOTECAN WORKS!!!" ring a bell with you Karen? :wink:

Wow....I'd say that's a real good report on David...and even with the delays of some of his chemo...it appears the Topo is doing the job....eh?

I'm so glad for you guys. Glad for me too! 8)

Now...you must find out for me to satisfy my curiosity....HOW MUCH TOPO IS DAVE GETTING each cycle? Does he go 3, 4 or 5 days? What is the total mg. of his dosage? Please try to remember to find out. The nurses can tell you.

I'm getting 3 mgs X 4 days for a total of 12 mg. Near as I can tell off the internet....that is a standard dosage. But of course, we already know too...that everyone reacts differently....so dosages are often adjusted.

Anyway...find out for me....will ya? And give Dave a big teddy bear hug for having the good sense to come up with such a good report! :D We celebrated my good news last night with KFC (Gawd, I love their cole slaw!!!)....so whadda you guys gonna do for your celebration dinner? :wink:

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Hi Dave & Karen,

Well I must say it looks like Dave is so much better that he has been. After this blood transfusion, I know he will feel so much better.

Thanks for the update as you know how special you both are to all of us.

That is such good news.. I hope you are feeling better about things, Karen.


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That truly is good news. I bet you are happy and relieved after all the anguish recently. I sure am! When I was reading some of your posts leading up to this one, I was so hopeful that you were going to hear something more positive this time, and you did- YAY!

Thanks for letting us know.


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Addie - I forgot you asked us about the dosage. I'll try to find out. I gotta call the onco doc nurse today anyway and let her know Dave is going to give the neumega a whirl after next chemo.

I sure wish I could give blood. But I had one measley little Stage 2 melanoma and now I am banned for life from giving blood, can you believe that? Lung cancer patients can donate after being in remission for five years. I was so disappoinated I couldn't replace what Dave needs.

what did we do to celebrate? Well, Faith goes to daycare at a nice Baptist church, which has fellowship dinners every Wednesday evening, and since they heard about Dave, every Wednesday when I pick Faith up there are three dinners to go ready for us. Last night was spaghetti. It actually was pretty good, too! I imagine this evening Dave and I will have another romantic dinner in his hospital room, since he's sure to not be finished until late this evening.Anymore, that is our "date night" - quality time in his hospital room, with blood dripping through his veins.

I just got an email from Beth (Justakid) with her great news, I'm sure she's posted something, everyone check it out!


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