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RE : Fay A.'s Chemo Drug Resistance Question


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Fay A. >Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2005 4:40 pm Post subject: Chemo Drug Resistance...

I've been told that cancer cells can become resistant to various chemotherapy drugs. Why would an Oncologist prescribe a drug like Taxotere again if the drug was used previously and new tumors grew during the first usage of Taxotere? Aren't those new tumors resistant to Taxoter and other Taxane Drugs?


FWIW, my wife's med onc just addressed this vary question. In my wife's case it involved switching from Gemzar to Tarceva. He states that once you leave a drug at resistance, switch to another then attempt to return to that previous drug ( as stated above ) don't expect any renewed therapeutic benefit. Expect progression. In fact, his opinion is that once you leave a chemo drug for another there is no going back to that previous drug. I, personally, don't have an opinion about this issue BUT since the question came up here and it is sort of important I am passing this opinion along. Just one man's opinion but probably a worthwhile question to get a second opinion on if you find yourself in such a situation.

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What if a person has only had one chemo drug. Say,

Taxol and it worked the 1st time and then you may need chemo again. Say 2-3 yrs later, can one use the same chemo and have it be effective again?

Just curious...


Karen :

I think that the key issue is whether resistance with that particular drug has occurred or not.

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I asked an Onc nurse this question and the answer was simply, no they do not become resistant. I believe that was a standard brush off answer. This is and excellent and important question. Resistant could be the operative thing. While on Gemzar my tumor increased 20%, while on Taxol I lost that progression and lost more yet. At this point I’m going off Chemo for a ? and I wouldn’t accept that I had progression or not. Even so, when and if I return I would balk at Gemzar and ask for Taxol, to start with, even given that I do believe all bad things learn protection. Personally if the tumor reduced to a millimeter and the lymphs became pronounced or infected that would be progression. All opinion here.


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Hi Frank,

I had the same tx. No surgery, just chemo and radiation. Glad to see you made it home and your posting again. You sure were missed. Heres praying the Taxol and radiation do their magic again. Cheers with a beer and a shot of Grand Maniar to great results. Don't drink any more so I'll cheer with an O'Doul's now. :(

Please keep us posted.

God Bless and prayers,

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