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If it's Cin's birthday does she still have to run the bar at the pub....or do we give her the day off to sit on the other side of the bar and inbibe? :wink:

However it works....have a ripper, Cindi. 50 is a great milestone and deserves some serious celebration....so load me up with a Margarita on the rocks, salt....and I'll start celebrating with you! :D

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Hey thanks gang!

This fifty business is kind of sinking in! It feels strange. I got an invitation from AARP! Do I get senior discounts now also?

Addie, you have the best idea about the Margaritas..I love those things!

And who could have asked for a better birthday present than to have Frank back on board! Thanks, Bruce, for springing his rosey butt!

Love you all.. let's hit the bar...Maryanne is taking over for today..here's to Maryanne and to all of you for helping me turn FIFTY!

love, cindi o'h

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