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Just want to vent


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Me being a pain. Anyway.... I cannot understand how anyone can be proud of working for Philip Morris and be proud of getting an award from them and putting this nonsense on their resume and expecting them to get a job interview based on them knowing the secretary who works for the CFO of my company. This is the scretary who came to our last meeting drunk and laughed her way thru the whole meeting. I was sitting next to her and the smell would knock you over; By the way, she makes $55,000. and i make $33,000, and she has a degree in ballet!!! Where does she dance@@@@@@@@@

Now today, i had to schedule someone to come back for orientatition because he couldn't remember who he was supposed to see or where our company was located. Woopiee. What a great place. Also today I got fingerprints back from new employees who, turns out, are felons! Doesn't matter, we hire them too! What a world. Now the person whose work i'm doing is on maternity leave and I asked for 10 percent diferential, waiting to hear about that, but I know the answer will be no. Thank God I'm alive.

Sorry, just had to vent, yeah I really am glad i'm alive. Just better than what I wrote before. Just had to vent. That's why were here, right???

Love you all ,


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Love you too, Joanie,

Vent away. Life's rough, and unfair.

It's okay to be mad that you're hurt.

I have always thought that there had to be justice in the next world, cause that's all that kept me going sometimes in this one.

I am so very very sorry about your daughter... :cry:



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That's a good vent. go for it.

By the way, Philip Morris USA moved their corporate headquarters here to Richmond from NYC. We already have a whole bunch of Philip Morris employees here, in fact, for many many years they were the largest employer in Richmond, now capital one is. Anyway, an old, dear friend of mine, her husband works for them, and I told her once after Dave's diagnoses that I could NEVER work for them, no matter how well they paid, etc., it wasn't a confrontational type conversation at all, I just mentioned it, and she looked at me like I had insulted her mother or something. that's the way people are around here. I said, hey, nothing against anyone who DOES work there, but for one, my allergies couldn't stand the cig smoke (they can smoke in their offices and do - in fact, the law firm I worked at for 16 years does most of their work and thus, does not ban smoking in the office) and I told her, on principle, how could I go work for them after Dave got lung cancer from smoking? She wasn't convinced but I don't care.

So there is my related vent.


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I am probably going to upset you with my answer, but here goes:

I cannot understand how anyone can be proud of working for Philip Morris and be proud of getting an award from them and putting this nonsense on their resume and expecting them to get a job interview ...

I work for a Fortune 500 corporation (#34, to be exact). I get paid well. My ideology doesn't always mesh with what "the Company" does, yet when I receive an award that I have worked for, I am proud of it. When someone else notices how hard I work and points it out, damn straight I'm proud! Heck, put some money with it and I'm on Cloud Nine.

Some people see Phillip Morris as a business, plain and simple. Businesses hire people, people work for money so they can feed their families, buy a house, go on an occassional vacation. It's all part of the American Way.

I don't believe in frivilous lawsuits, doesn't mean I think all lawyers should be shot for their part in that big scheme.

Right now, the biggest reward offered in my company is keeping a job at the end of the day. In two years, 6800 were fired/laid off/down-sized/right-sized...were out of a job. Mortgages to pay, kids in college, kids in DIAPERS, sick kids, sick parents, you name it! Is that something that I agree with when the head of the business took home $35M one of those years? Heck no! Do I need the job? Oh yeah...

My opinion is that people should take responsibility for their own actions. Unlike lab rats, people have a choice of whether to smoke or not. Play the odds, one in ten doesn't sound like bad odds - unless you're the "one".

Joanie, it's time to start looking for another job. You just might surprise yourself.

Good luck.

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