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4/14 and I am grateful for:


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Ginni is settling on her house tomorrow

My income taxes are also finished - filed Tim's last one though

My cold is finally getting better

Plans are almost finalized for Tim's internment May 12th

Spring break is next week…my trip to visit 2 of my kids in Boston and RI

Tim: 9/15/38-12/19/04

diagnosed 2/02 after 5 months wrongly diagnosed with allergies

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YEAH, Ginny is finally getting her new place.

I worked out in the yard this afternoon.

Taxes finally made it to our accountant at 3:00 today!

I may be working in a pallative care capacity at

a local hospital.

Mom is more like her old self with each passing day!

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1. Many of our family members here are getting better

2. Cindi is 50 today and in a much better mood. Things looking up for her.

3. Joel finally started his chemo today.

4. Income tax done, getting a nice refund.

5. starting my diet :shock:

Don't forget everybody... Party hardy at Cindi's bar tonight!! What happened to the guy who made those delicious orgasams drink? Hope he shows.

Oh I have one more

6. Frank is home!! :mrgreen:


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