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I was away without a pass!!!


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Oh no fine for you Jackie...you just have to write on the blackboard 50 times "No running the halls without a pass." Glad you checked in (actually ever since someone actually paid one of my fines I am afraid to fine people anymore). :lol:

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Thank you for the welcome,

Katie, will try to stay on line for a long time.

Don, still remember your welcome in 2003, when I

posted for the first time.

Cindi, still wonder if we get wiser with age.

Ginny, no computer, more time to do some shopping.

Ry, thank you, it would have been the first fine

in my life.

Becky, now I will really have to learn, I will

post more often but not faster.

Nina, I must have been on the rebound, will see if

love comes after.

Fay, the noise of the old computer was like a rooster

at 5.00am, we should have make an exchange.

Now will try to behave (may be hard)

Love to all

Jackie J.C.

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