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Thank Goodness!


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Thank Goodness!

Doctor called....I am responding to Alimta, lymph nodes are shrinking and nodules are shrinking. I asked if I could be happy and he said yes! I asked if I was responding and he said yes.

I see him next week for chemo #4 on the 20th and we will discuss it more then. But you could hear it in his voice when I answered the phone, he said he wanted to call me as soon as he had gotten the report.

Now I can relax (till next time :wink: ).

Thanks for everyone's support, I really need ya'll to get through this. :)

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Well, golly. What to say other than YAY!! YIPPEE!!! I am so very glad!! I just hate that you have to feel so bad so often, and go through what you do just to make some progess. I guess that's part of it though -- no pain, no gain?

Take care. This is the best news, and I hope it gives you incentive to keep smashing away at this crappy disease.


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This is Margarita-worthy news, Beth....but then, as I told you before...you're a scrapper and your humor will get you through.

I'm SOOOOO happy to hear that the Alimta is doing its job. Sometimes....we do all this worrying for nothing.....wasting our energies that could better be spent laughing....eh? :wink:

Give yourself AT LEAST today to fully enjoy this good news. Maybe tomorrow too. Put all bad or scary thoughts OUT OF YOUR MIND...and just enjoy!!

That's sorta what I did with my good news of Tuesday. First...we had KFC for dinner...a rare treat. Then yesterday...I went to a matinee movie and out to lunch with two friends (one of whom has recurrent breast cancer from 11 yrs ago :( but she is doing well :) ). The LAST movie I saw in a theater was TOP GUN, 18 YEARS AGO!! :?

So....my celebration was unique AND over two days...and I think you need to do the same thing. I may even stretch my happy days to three by hitting TJ Maxx this afternoon! 8)

Hey..when you can hear the delight in a doc's voice or see it on his face...it's worth its weight in gold. My onc, after telling me things were reduced 50%.....actually smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek!! :wink:

Go forth and celebrate, dear Beth. You've earned this, bigtime!!

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Oh Beth I cannot tell you how this makes me feel. I got home a bit ago, and jumped on here to see if you had made a post, almost scared too though. Girl, I can feel you jumping up and down, and yelling and screaming for joy all the way here in texas. Go and celebrate tonight and enjoy.

Take care,


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Woo Hoo, Beth!!! This is fantastic news!!! Why did I just know it was going to be. I'm so happy for you. I hope you can relax a bit now.

Mike , goes for scans on Monday (after 6 treatments) and will get the results on the 25th. I sure hope he gets the good results you have. Right now , he is sick with a virus or something and very short of breath... hope he can make the scans on Monday. Doc gave him antibiotic, allergy med and ordered him some nice oxygen for home :? . He is sleeping now , but he has been praying for you every day and asks about you. He is going to be sooooo thrilled. Let's meet over at Cindi's . Everyone is there celebrating Cindi's birthday , Frank's homecoming and now Beth's scan results.



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Damn, you had me so worried the beginning of the week then it was changed to yesterday. But now, yes now... Party time for you too. Great news Beth!!

In the beginning I did not think I should have a party for Cindi, there was so many scary scans going on for so many people this week. But they are all turning out to be positives.

This is actually going to be a great party tonight.


Maryanne :wink:

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WAHOOOOOOOO! You have truly made my day, knowing that we both got such wonderful news and can breathe a little easier! I was afraid to check on the board for fear of what I might find for you, but this is terrific and I'm sending prayers of thanks for both of us. BLESS YOU, BETH!!!!!!

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