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My latest scan results


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Hi everyone! I just got the results of my latest CT w/contrast scan and there is still NED (No Evidence of Disease)!!!! I'm so relieved and I feel so blessed. My oncologist told me since it's been about 5 years, I could get scanned every year, instead of every 6 months. I told him I did not feel comfortable waiting a whole year. He said OK, but suggested I get the CT without contrast then. He said the contrast is usually used to see chest and surrounding areas for spread. He said since it's been 5 years, we are not looking for a spread or recurrence, but rather a new primary, and a CT without contrast is fine for that. I told him I would think about it. First, I would love to get opinions from this board on that. Any comments? I'm posting this message on all my boards, so many of you may see this message more than once. Thanks.

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What did you decide to do about having your scans every 6 months or once a year. I am not even at the one year mark yet, but I know that I will not be ready to remove my training wheels to every 6 months when I get there. God Bless!!!

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Great news :D that is awesome.

I think I would go without contrast. I have heard that the contrast is very hard on the kidneys...and if you can avoid anything radioactive (contrast)going into your body I would.

I am trying to get my Onc to agree CT's without...hopefully I will follow in your footstpes and be able to do annuals someday as well.

God Bless,


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alisa, this is wonderful news. So excited for you.

My doctor, after only 2 3/4 years wants to take me to one year scans unless I have symptoms. I am like you in being nervous about waiting so long. I still feel more comfortable with the 6 mons.

Again, congratulations.


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