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A Challenge! Let's change the tone!


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As was recently been pointed out to me, there really is a lot of good news on the board. Have you been seeing it? Scan results have been MARVELOUS.

So, beyond the reference to Cindi's Pub, where's the celebrating? Why's it seem so glum? We need some posts that are more "up", dreams, plans, GOOD STUFF!

Spring is in the air, flowers are popping up, trees are budding, LIFE is being reaffirmed everywhere in nature. How 'bout some good news? How 'bout some happy stories?

Let me start:

My youngest stepdaughter called me tonight out of the blue. The oldest grandson is now walking! Wa-hoo! (I can post that, she told her dad, too - just later.)

C'mon, it's a challenge! Best one happy story will get something good! Voting to be held at a future date.

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Found out today that my nephew's expected triplets are two boys (identical twins) and a girl. We are all over the top happy, especially their soon to be 3 year old daughter. Long before they found out about the multiple babies all their daughter wanted was a baby sister.

One of my dearest friends dropped by with a bright yellow chicken balloon (me and chickens...it's a long story). She had stopped by a party supply shop and a woman I knew in the past and haven't seen in about 4 years works at the shop. I had given this woman several dozen Iris varieties about 6 years ago. Because of the house remodel last year most of my Irises were killed. This lady told my friend that I can have divisions from her plants.

I found Black Prince Siberian Tomato plants. And Oregon Fog Tomatoes, too.

My Elizabethan Female Sword Fighting Pirate costume looks only slightly more ridiculous than it sounds.

I do not have to wear a snood....nor a bum roll.

Today I decided to go back to school. I think I might like to be a writer when I grow up. If I grow up.....and maybe even if I don't.

I'm a Half-Century-Fay A., and right happy to be here.

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I see good news all over the board! Lots and lots of great news. And I hear lots of tragedy as well. We all have our daily joys and sorrows.

My joy today is that I turned 50...

My sorrow today is that I turned 50...

It is like the masks of the theater. Comedy and Tragedy.

Another joy is that Beth had good test results today and shrinkage from her Alimta.

The sorrow is that Beth has had to fight this chit for so long and she is a young Mom who has had to go through hell and back. And that she will have to continue on with the treatments that make her sick and weak.

It is all here. Everyone deserves to have their feelings and experiences recognized and affirmed.

Congratulations to all who are having exhilarations in their day today. Focusing on what we have instead of what we don't have does make for better personal feelings and gains. However, ignoring your pain, whether it be from loss, grief, broken family relationships or from lung cancer; sitting with it all by yourself is detrimental to our recovery. This is an illness that touches every area of life, including but not limited to physical, emotional, psychological and financial.

To me, it is a gift to be able to express whatever is on my heart today. I feel honored to be able to listen to such personal experiences and thoughts of all. Yes. It is difficult at times. But, that is the risk that I take when I joined a lung cancer support group. I take a personal responsibility in listening to others joys and sorrows and, in turn, when I need to be heard (as I was feeling a great need a couple weeks ago), I want people to listen to my woes and problems as well. You people lifted me up like I could not believe. You were a powerful influence on the outcome of my problem. I believe that it was your prayers that got me through a spot that I could not see my way out of. It is a gift to be alive today. I am with Don Wood in believing that my purpose is served when I can share my experiences and hopes with others, and again, it is an honor to listen to all of you.

Love, Cindi o'h

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Today was a day I got some things done that really needed to be done. The great thing is that I was not totally exhausted after doing them. Today my little Shihtzu turned eleven. She weighs 8 lbs and its 8 lbs of love. Today, my husband finished setting out almost 200 flowers that have already brightened our entire back yard. Spring is here, and I, for one, am thinking about new life and new beginnings. After a long experience with depression this year, I am very greatful for this good day.


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Continuing this on Fri…I love your positive feelings right now Snowflake. We do need lots of that.

For me today it's the last day of school before spring break and I get to travel to see my kids 8 hours away for 4 days. A much needed vacation!

Boston here I come!

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STRICTLY MY OPINION: Establish a section for positive stuff unrelated to lung cancer ONLY. Don't mix it in with Good News about treatment and results so you don't have to sift through the personal dribbble to learn about peoples condtion and those who need help and consolation. I see so much good and happy news even elation over small things that may not be important or earth shattering to some but is in the eye of the author.

Sorry. I'll duck and cover my head for all the incomng missiles and flack but I'd hate to see it become a gossip/society page.

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Haven't had much time to read and post lately--I have a new job taking more of my time. But, it is truly a blessing--a gift from God. Full benefits for 3 days of work. Yeah!!! Also, Charlie and I are spending the night (just the 2 of us) in Gatlinburg tonight. It is so wonderful to have him feeling up to it. Take care.

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Ok, I have some good news.

Last Saturday, I picked up my brand new 2005 Mustang convertable! We ordered it in early February, and it finally came in.

It's been a while since I've had a new car and I totally enjoyed riding around with the top down last weekend.

Also, it's finally Spring here in the midwest and things are blooming all over the place. I have daffodils that are stunning, tulips that are opening up, and everything else is coming up, promising for a beautiful summer season.


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I too, have all sorts of things that seem just wonderful today.

First of all this site is great, I didn't know about it when I was sick but it's given me all sorts of insight into what had happened to me - so many things sound familar when I read what people are going through......things that weren't unique to me after all. I hope that I can give people hope - if I can survive this there's no reason that they can't too.

Best of all today - the sun is shining (just love that sun), I've gotten a whole bunch of things done that I've been putting off and tomorrow I get to meet the young man who has swept my daughter off her feet! What more could a mother ask for.......young love and sunshine.

Right now I have the world by it's tail and I'm loving it, oh and did I mention that the sun is shining (not too common a thing is Vermont).

That's my two cents for the day. Hope you are all having as cheerful a day as me


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My Happy Story?

I met a wonderful man a couple weeks ago, and inbetween having LOTS of fun, stressed about telling him about my cancer.

Finally one night over dinner, he was telling me about how his mom died of lung cancer when he was 15 - and I just couldn't keep it in anymore.

Spilled the beans figuring it was over, but NO! He said, "what am I supposed to run"? I said "you certainly have every right to if you want to...." I've seen him every night since........tee-hee!

Love is in the air.........and I'm smilin' LOTS!


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I too have had a super week. The weather here in TN has been beautiful. I got out and washed the patio furniture. My wife and I decided that we needed to wash the vinyl siding this year because we did not wash it last year. Having some suds left from the furniture, I wanted to test it on some of the green tree sap on the siding. Yep, you guessed it. I had to mix up more and finish the job. The next day was even warmer out. Time to mow the lawn. Got the ole truck washed too.

This has been a beautiful week. Did have some rain on Tuesday tho. :cry:

The only thing that I did not do to complete the week was to hop in the truck and head to Dollywood. Oh well supposed to be nice next week too so I might make that trip also. :lol:

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This is great I love hearing all the good news. Great for Sandy...

Today is my Birthday, and I just feel great that Joel is here, had his chemo and so far is feeling good. My son is taking me to lunch and Joel is taking me to dinner. I have a feeling my daughter may come in form North Jersey.

My foyer is full of gifts I have not opened yet. I gots lots of cutsie email cards from friends and family.

I just feel good today, it is beautiful out, the sun shining the birds singing, what more can I ask for?? Plus, I met so many friends on this board.

I am blessed!!

I have to get started, and get off this board so I can get dressed, celebrate life with my family.

Take care all,


PS, I just got a georgeous arrangement of spring flowers from my daughter... Priceless

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