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Update on CT results


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Haul out the good vodka...this is good news!

Remember my pancreas AND pancreatic tail had..."multiple masses"??? NOT ANYMORE!! :D

Got the final radiology report today on Monday's CT...and my "pancreas now appears normal in appearance. The spleen and adrenal glands are unremarkable".

There is a "stable small left lower lobe nodule" in one lung. Knew it was there, and it's been stable since 7/2003. There are "interval decrease(s) in three lesions within the liver." The fourth liver lesion couldn't be compared due to "differences in coverage" between this and the prior CT scan.

"Interval disappearance of masses and enlargement of the pancreas". My pancreas is now NOOORRRRMMMMAAAALLLLL!!!

So much more than I could have hoped for. Karen and Dave, this should give you further hope too, for the Topotecan. TOPOTECAN WORKS!!

DH took me to the golf club for lunch and I actually had a virgin Transfusion (Grape juice w/ splash of ginger ale)...and then said, "What the heck...trickle a 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla vodka in there...THIS is a celebration!!" And she did...and I drank the WHOLE THING!!

Had a brain MRI this morning. If those results turn out as good (should have results by Monday)...we're gonna have some kind of blast in Cindi's Pub....ok?

Oh...and today is Linus' birthday. He's my male dog. He says to tell you he's having a good day too! :lol::roll:

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Happy birthday, Linus!

I'm glad your "parts" are unremarkable, but Addie, you sure aren't! You're one of the most remarkable souls I know.

Wanna see that chicken hat on the day that is proclaimed National Chicken Dance Day...you know, like from the Jimmy Neutron movie when all the parents were made to do the Chicken Dance before some alien chicken was about to eat them...the whole nation will do the Chicken Dance with one of the morning shows in the lead...yeah...

Hugs to you, my friend,


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Gosh, Addie, that's awesome. I love it. now, if we can just keep Dave's blood counts up enough to get more of that topotecan in him, he may just catch up with you!

poor guy, he's just so tired. he doesn't seem any stronger after that transfusion. which I guess means the topo is in there working still. he's supposed to go in for chemo Monday morning and we both doubt he gets it, his platelets were 36,000 on Wednesday.

but you're giving us some really good HOPE, which is what we are all here for, and for that I am so very grateful!

God Bless,


p.s. vanilla vodka? gotta give that a whirl, even though the last few years, just one little drink seems to do a real number on me!

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Karen....ask Dave's onc about getting Aloxi for his premed (instead of Zofran) on his last chemo day of each cycle. It's expensive....cuz it's new....but I swear it gives me a boost of energy, aside from it's anti-nausea benefits. It's supposed to last longer than Zofran in your system.

And I hope the transfusion kicks in for Dave....in terms of raising his count AND in terms of how he feels.

I still have my really tired days. I think much of it is the accumulation of the chemo in our systems. And the rest of it is probably simply a matter of "energy begets energy"....and when you're too tired to exercise or move around much....well, you sort of end up more tired!

I went out in the yard to swing a golf club yesterday...sort of like a warm-up that I'd do prior to playing. Now remember....I only played a very little bit last year and have had my duff firmly planted on the sofa for this loooooong winter, reading or knitting.

I almost needed two orderlies to get me back in the house after swinging that club. :? It totally wore me out! I'm so out of shape from a lazy winter...but I know if we go play a few holes of golf tomorrow...even if it exhausts me, that it will also get me back on track for exercising a bit more often and keeping my stamina UP a bit...you know?

Maybe you need to encourage Dave to take Faith out for a long walk!? :wink: Then you'd have a bit of free time and David would be getting some exercise AND some Daddy time in with Faith. How does that sound?

Look at me....big talker on the exercise when I've done so little of it. But I do think it will help if I can push myself a bit to expend more energy...as it does increase one's capacity~!

P.S. Try a half shot of the vodka...you'll still get the vanilla taste. It's a pretty good drink, and I figure since I don't drink red wine...the grape juice is the next best thing for my heart! :wink:

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Addie ...this is superior news..!!

Do you really expect me to believe that it was the Topotecan that did it?

I think it was all of the late nights at the pub drinking vodka, singing God knows what with the worn out lamp shades on your head.

Please run this form of treatment past the oncologist and see if he agrees that this is what caused or at least contributed to the shrinkage.


Glad you had a time on the course. Great for you! loves it.

cindi o'h

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