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Leg cramps / hand cramps / chest cramps


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Is anyone out there having leg cramps? Hand cramps or tightening of the chest muscles?

Don't know if it's from the prednisone, the beta blocker or the cancer. So far all my blood counts have been good cause I've always gotten my chemo.

Anyone have craps like me (except David C - I know he has them).

The chest tightening - muscle cramp thing is really weird! That I think is stress, gotta stop stressing about everything!


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I asked Mike about the cramping and he says that now that you mention it, he has a bit of cramping in his hands every once in a while. He says he will go to write and his hand wants to freeze or something and he has to move it around. He has no idea why, but he is on prednisone and Alimta, but no beta blockers. Don't guess that helps much... :?


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Hi Beth,

I have leg cramps in the middle of the night ever

since surgery. Once in awhile my hands cramp up. I also have tightening around the chest. It feels like a tight belt under my boobs all the way around.

I don't know if it's painful or uncomfortably annoying? Know one (meaning all the freaken specialists I have talked to )seems to know WHY? Personally I think it from invading the chest wall. If you have ever had a broken rib how much it hurts and how long it takes to heel. Just think what our

ribcab went through during surgery. I know my fourth

rib was cut out. So go from there. I had bad joint pain w/ the taxol. I couldn't even open a easy jar.

So maybe the cramps are left overs. Who the heck

knows. It's always something. I get to the point of

why ask!!

Sorry I vented instead of helping.

Take care,


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You are so right, it's up under the boob and it just tightens up and I sit here and think oh my gosh...then it will go away and come back again (sometimes). I asked the Pulmonary doc, he doesn't know. I'll ask the Oncologist this coming Wed when I have chemo.

At lease someone else knows what I'm talking about! Guess it wouldn't hurt to eat some potasium (sp?).


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My mother lives in a living assistance place. All the old people swear by quinine (sp) water for the leg cramps. They're all too funny. Everytime I go to the store I forget to buy some. I guess it's easier to jump around and curse when I get a cramp. I'm so sick of taking things. Like I said before it's always something. This morning I woke up w/ swollen glands and a sore throat. Great! I'm suppose to go to Atlantic City to gamble tomorrow.

I don't really gamble. All my sisters and my kids and mom are going. Me and my one sister will sit on

the beach or walk the boards. It's suppose to be 75 tomorrow. So excited to go and now this.

Oh well! I'm going sick or not. I haven't been

anywhere in soooo long.


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Hubby's used quinine too....but his 83 y/o mother told him to take Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc....and since he started on it, he's not had ONE leg cramp. He used to get them so bad he'd wake ME up to come help rub his calves!! (I'm talking about his leg here. He doesn't normally keep beef cattle in our bedroom at night! :lol: )

Be sure to ask your doc before you add even vitamins to your med regimen though. Some vitamins interact badly.....for example, I used to take A & D...but my onc said to stop it when I started on coumadin!

Still...if your doc approves cal, mag, zinc...it appears to do the trick for leg cramps.

As for hands...(and feet) I have some mild neuropathy from the chemo...but not really cramps...so can't help you there.

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Anyone have craps like me

My mom has been having and awful time with this and so far nothing has helped. I read an artical in the paper about a stronge strain of Clostridium Difficile spreading in hospitals especially to people on antibiotics. Since she was just in the hospital and given antibiotics I told her to ask the doctor to test her. They took a sample yesterday, but I haven't heard if they got the results back yet.

Here is a link:


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Oh, and I hesitate to share this as you will think I'm nuts, but try placing a bar of soap under your sheets by your legs. Any kind of soap, except dove, will do. I know his sounds crazy, but I read it in a doctors column and it has helped me. I use to get awful craps and even with taking Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium I would still get them. Since I tried the bar of soap I have not had one. Of course I am not on any of the meds you are on. Let me know if you try this and it helps.

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