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Question for Joanie


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Hi Joanie,

I noticed in one of the posts that it was mentioned that you are changing jobs. Is that true? If you post that I missed it and Iam curious since all that chit that was going on in your work place.

By the way, did you attend the shower? Sorry I might have missed that post also.

If you are leaving your job, so you have one waiting in the wings for you?

I like to keep updated on my friends here, and I seem to have slipped where you are concerned.


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Thanks so much for asking. Yes, I want to change jobs and have gotten alot of advice on how to go about that here on the board. Many people have given me great suggestions which I intend to follow. I got a great tip from Leah who told me about the ACS website that offers a free CD set called a Toolbox for Suvivors that gives alot of info about applying for jobs. I went to their website right away and ordered it - it's free. I have concerns about changing jobs, in part because of the cancer background and what they might ask, etc. Many people here have helped me with that. Can't wait to get this CD set to hear what they can tell me, as well. Yes, I attended the baby shower. It worked out fine. I feel I made the right decision by getting the baby a gift. So now, I'm trying to decide what type of job I want and how to go about getting that. It is so nice that you asked how I'm doing.:) All and all, pretty good. I hope you're doing well too. I really appreciate your kindness. Thanks so much. ((()))


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Joanie..YOU rock, girl...

You are getting pissed all over at the job you have and it is just not right... I am proud of you for taking the courage challenge and the steps to get out of there so that you can better care for yourself. You are a valuable person. And you deserve the very best that this life has to offer. You have been through so much. You deserve to spend your days being appreciated and surrounded by mature folks who are decent people.

Best of luck in your job search. I just know that the right one will present itself when you are ready.

love, cindi o'h

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