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Maryanne's #? Birthday!

cindi o'h

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You heard it right..!

Party for everyone at Cindi's all day and all night.

This girl deserves some roasting and toasting for all the great support she has been to Joel, and the crazy vibing support that she has been for all of us.

Maryanne is a party animal. So if it is partying you want, this is the woman to do it with. Let's get her sloshed!

I am having another Margarita/rocks in Maryanne's honor.

Happy Birthday Maryanne!

love, Cindi o'h

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Sorry I'm late. My lampshade was in the shop! :roll: Got a bit wrecked at Cindi's bash...but it's all spiffy again now and ready to party (if belatedly) in Maryanne's honor!

Where's the Margarita station...I'm in need of some lime persuasion? 8)

Hope your day was a good one, MA....and hope you're still partyin' here too. It's the weekend. Weekend birthdays are the best because they are automatically three days long! :D

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Well hi all,

I was surprised by the post. Cindi girl, that was sneaky, you little devil, you!! :twisted:

Kinda got a late start this morning as to a hangover from Cindis bar last night. Not a marguretta's lover, but after 3, hey who cares!!

Seriously, had a great birthday with family. Joel was not feeling his effects of the chemo so he was able to make my day really special. Bought me some wonderful gifts and took me out to a great place for dinner. My son and daughter took me to lunch, so I was queen for a day!!

Today he is starting to feel achy in the legs. He seems to have this headache he can't get rid of. Is headaches also a side effect of the chemo. I didn't think that was. I guess his side effects are starting, next the hair :shock:

Anyway, thank you all for the kind birthday thoughts!! It was so nice of you to think of me.

love this weather, but here starts my allegeries :shock:

Cindi... good luck on your closing. Do you have a place to live? Just thought I would ask, I would hate to see you and your cat out in the street :roll: . I think you said something about staying with a nephew, but not sure. Let us know where you will be living, until you can find a place of your own.

Take care everybody and have a good healthy week and NED scans for those who had them and the ones who are having them.


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yeah yeah Mar...

heckuva party!

No. No nephew. I am planning to close on Monday at 1 if everything goes all right. And I don't see why it shouldn't. With some bucks in my pocket, I will head up North and see what I can scrounge up, at least for short time. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is written in stone.

I will be looking for a place that is one level living as stairs are a bummer.

I did notice the sneakiness of you and the non-disclosure of your #'s this year...! How old are you, hon? Same age as Joel or thereabouts, I am thinking.

Love ya Mar. Have a great year!

Love, Cindi o'h

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