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Another question - Taxol?

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I'm sorry I keep asking questions when I'm not on here enough to offer anyone else support. My mom's condition seems to be deteriorating rapidly and it limits my computer time.

She had her CT scan yesterday and the results were very bad. The cancer is growing extremely fast in her liver. She also has a lymph node that is affected and in addition to her spine, now her hip may be affected too....she's developed a lot of pain in that area just in the last 48 hours, so they are going to do another MRI on Monday to see if they need to radiate that area in addition to her spine.

The doctor was grim and very frank. Said based on the speed of the growth in her liver, she will begin experiencing extreme problems there within a few weeks. He still wants her to try a dose of Taxol, on Monday, to see if the vacine (clinical trial) she had will have a positive result. He wasn't very encouraging this time....the positive results they had been seeing from the vacine are declining rapidly as they get more patients into the trial.

He mentioned that one of the side effects of Taxol is neuropathy. The Taxol website says "this is often a side effect". Does anyone have more information, as far as what the likilihood is, and how much it affects one's quality of life?

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Hi Bet, Sorry to hear about your mom. Nothing to be sorry about. ask away. Someone has been there done that. I was on Taxol but did not develop any side effects. However I did develop Neuropathy on Navelbine more my feet then hands. It's a numbing, tingle feeling you get. Like when your foot falls asleep. I do take b-6 that's helps. Just have to get used to it. Sometimes can throw ones walking/balance off a bit. Here is a site that lists side effects of chemo therapy also. Hope this helps. Prayers for the best. Rich


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Hi Bet,

I had Taxol too. Only side effect I had was a little nueropathy in the hands and feet. I told the onc. doc. and she lowerd the dosage a little. I was also getting Carboplatin at the same time. Not sure which one caused nueropathy. Hope this helps. Taxol is a very agressive chemo. Praying it works for your mom. Please keep us posted...

God Bless and prayers,


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My Dad who is elderly had Taxol and Carboplatin. He did develop some neuropathy in his feet and they stopped the chemo. I guess it's somewhat like a foot falling asleep. You can hear his foot as he walks; I guess he puts it down harder than he should. It has gotten slightly better (and it has been two years) but he still can live a "normal" life with it. By the way, our oncologist called it "foot slap"

Prayers for your Mom.

Gail P-M

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Sorry your Mom is having a tough time of it. Don't worry about not posting as often as you like...we are all here for YOU!

I had taxol as well. I had no neuropathy with it. If I remember correctly, only a small percentage of recipients get peripheral neuropathy. Cross your fingers that your mom will not be one.

Cindi o'h

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