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Please pray for our friend Ada


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to all the LC family,

our friend Ada, recently had surgery to remove some cancer tumors. She is having a difficult recovery and I am asking all of you to please read this next line out loud, right now as your reading it.

God, please look down tonight on our friend Ada, we ask you to reach right down out of heaven, touch her lovely face and bless her. Please take away all of her pain, and awful side effects from the surgery. Please GOD make her better so she can fight this evil cancerous monster.

its said that if 2 or more people pray for the same thing, god will answer it. Well there are over 450 of us here so I am asking all of you to please say this for her. Please let all the people you pm to read this post. lets see if we can get every member to read this post and say this short prayer for her. That way we know that WHEN it works, we can all do it over and over again for others.

I have not been the best catholic in the past years. But being a control freak, its ALL I can do now to help mom and all of you get well again.

I pray for you all daily.

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Dear Shelly,

At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, :roll: is our Ada in the hospital? Did you hear from her and if so, what is going on with her?

She is ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers and she is SOOOOOO LOVED by all of us here on the board. I do hope she is doing okay!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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