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Not getting pop-up that you have a new message?


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I also posting this under tech support, but since not everybody checks that forum, I'm repeating it here.

I wasn't getting pop-ups that I had new messages in my inbox. The reason is because I have my browser set to block pop-ups. However, you can usually add in a site. Since the name of this site changed from a .com to a .org, you might need to add the new site name (lchelp.org) to allow pop-ups on this site.

I don't know where the settings are in other operating systems, or if you have a special program to block pop-ups, but here's how you do it in Windows XP:

Click Tools

Click Internet Options

Click Privacy Tab

At the bottom, you will see Pop-Up Blocker. In that box, click settings.

In the box provided, type lchelp.org

Click Add

Click Close

Click OK

Maybe others can post how you allow pop-ups on this site with other operating systems or programs.


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I have tried it from several computers and cant break it.. try sending youself a pm... and see if it works.

Most likely it is not selected to receive these in your profile or you have a popup blocker. since we are now on a different domain ,org, your current popup blocker will need to recognize the new domain or it will continue toblock them

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