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Vicodin and Sweating Question


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So this is probably a strange questions...

I just talked to Mom and she was talking about having to take Vicodin. She said the only problem she has with it is that it causes her to sweat excessively...

Has anyone else experienced this and is there any antidote? Anybody know WHY it's caused.

I mentioned that I had the same experience just with Tylenol. So I'm wondering if it's something with our wacky genes and acetiminiphin. The only thing I could find from a search online had to do with overdoses.

Anybody smarter than me know what's going on or have any suggestions for Mom on how to deal with the 'soakedness>?'

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I was given Vicoden while recovering from surgery in the hospital. I took one pill of a possible two pill dose. It didn't quite ease the pains, so I took the second one. No problem...

Time for the next dose, I was given two at a time. Within ten minutes, my body was on fire - on the inside. According to my husband, my skin was cold and clammy. I was still hooked up to all my machines and my pulse rate was rising and my blood pressure was sky-rocketing...my ears were pounding, the fire inside wouldn't ease, kept growing...

Guess what - I'm allergic to Vicoden. I was given a big dose of Benadryl through my IV and went night-night...

She should let her doctor know about the "heat" and the sweating. If she's home, she doesn't know what her pulse is doing nor if her BP is rising (or falling). An allergic reaction to a prescription drug should be treated by a physician, even an ER doctor. Benadryl will probably be the answer, but the dosage will be different.

Drug allergies get worse with each dose taken, she really should get it checked out.


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