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Question about skin sensitivity

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Although I am here often its been awhile since Ive wriiten. My Dad has been doing poorly and due to so much weight loss unable to have Chemo. He is very weak and has had so much depression. He wants nothing to do with any type of medication for the depression. I have been talking to him a great deal about it and have found getting him out as often as I can even if its for a drive seems to help. He is also starting to eat more so I am hoping things will be getting better for him soon. I am always positive with him which seems to help. I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced skin sensitivity? He told me yesterday his chest is very sensitive to touch. He completed the radiation 4 weeks ago ........I am not sure if this is something new.Has anyone had this symptom? I will be taking him in to his PCP on friday.

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I had radiation in the center of my chest (33 treatments), I ended up with third degree burns at the radiation point on the third week.

I wouldn't say my skin was sensative, It was burnt to a crisp. I also have what looks like a scar from where two pieces of skin rolled together and touched when my arms where over my head.

The scar and are still feel weird when touched. Don't know it that helps. Hope so.

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