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5 for 4/18


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1.) All the beautiful birds visiting my various feeders in the back yard.

2.) The chipmunks & squirrels who keep my cats entertained.

3.) My wonderful Hubbie who keeps the feeders full & puts nuts out for the chippies & squirrels.

4.) A good game of Scrabble with Hubbie last night (I don't win any more but it's still fun).

5.) Wendy's Frosties.


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1. the tulips that my crew of friends planted in Nov. '03 after my lung cancer diagnosis are starting to bloom in yellows today...79F...didn't think I would see them bloom again for multiple reasons.

2. I sold my house today

3. Prayers from friends on the board for this to happen for me.

4. Help from friends to clean my house and as David P. said to get the cat poo from under the dining room table...(how did he know it was there?)

5. didn't cry during the close. I have the most wonderful real estate agent.. gentle, caring, and sensitive.

love, Cindi o'h

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my usual first....I woke up again today (will this ever cease to be a wonder after a cancer diagnosis?)

The sun is still out, it's supposed to change tomorrow but we've had 5 or 6 days of wonderful sunshine, almost a record.

Met my daughter's special young man,he's a hunk and I liked him...she picked a good 'un!

Our new fifth wheel is worth my husband having to drive a one ton diesel pick-up (you'll notice I'm not driving it and I think it's worth it!).

My daughter's cats left with her today which means our cat will get his 'nice' personality back.

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