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I start Alimta Wed......


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After several weeks, of well You all know what. The DR. has decided to start second line treatment with Alimta. The effusion was drained off my lung, and was not malignant, Thank God.. So the lymph node progression is still all we are dealing with. However for precaution, I am getting a bone scan Friday and I had a Echocardigram for some very small effusion percardial side. So pray the bone scan is OK>> It was confirmed to be very small in the percardial window, Thank God.. So maybe this Alimta will do the trick.. Seems like alot of this board is taking it. Any suggestions, complaints, heads up, will be appreciated. I am very disappointed, obviously, I was STABLE, for 18 months,but the BEAST returned... PRAYS, please. gina

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Hey Gina,

Glad to hear you have a plan of attack.

Now you can start fighting and get back to another 18 months and longer NED! From what I have seen here on the board, many are having good results with Altima.

Hang in there and let us know how it is going!


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I'm on Alimta also as a second round Chemo. I take it every third week. Takes about half an hour to include the pre-meds. Hasn't been bad. The first two were easy, mild nausea, heartburn and slightly tired. Got a little worse each time. Just finished my fourth treatment. Had a cat scan after the second one which showed stable in the primary and several areas of improvement around the lung. Have my next scan Apr 25 which should tell the story. Hoping for at least stable and praying for huge shrinkage. My Doc says her experience has been that the benefit diminishes after the fourth treatment so unless there are great results, I expect to go off it now. Wouldn't bother me at all to continue if it looked promising. I am experiencing some mild to moderate mouth discomfort with sores the last couple days. Not really too bad, just kinda killed the appetite a bit, but the appetite has been great till this happened. The Doc prescribed a "Swish and Spit" solution mixed at the Pharmacy consisiting of Mylanta/Benedryl/Lidocaine that is fantastic in controlling it if you start experiencing it.

Anyway, that's my experience with it in a nutshell. Most people seem to tolerate it well. Good luck with it. Take care and God Bless.

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I am getting ready to take my 4th round of Alimta tomorrow. No real complaints. Feel kinda icky for a couple days (could be from the steriods) and the second week I have a little pain. BUT if there is a side affect to get, I WILL get it so don't use me as an example!

Had CT Scan after 3 treatments and showed shrinkage to lymphs and nodules....I will cont every 3 weeks until it doesn't work or I can't handle it.

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply, I started the three day steroids, today, tomorrow, I get the poison, and then every three weeks, like you all described. I will remain positive, I want for us all, a complete remission, long term... I will pray for us all... lets hope this drug maybe is the answer...gina

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