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Wish us luck!

Remembering Dave

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Our realtor is coming over this evening with a contract to present to us - offer to buy the house - not asking price but getting closer to it! Dave is home sleeping off chemo and not aware of the plan, but we have to address it this evening and he has to be involved. The potential purchasers have asked for some odd things, like throwing in our pontoon boat.

Of course there's not a single house in the area we want to move to, on the market now, that I'd buy! BUT, houses are being sold before they even hit the MLS, or hours after. so maybe we'll get our luck break and the perfect house will come available right when we need it!

So, we need good luck on the selling and the buying ends of things!


p.s. I'm kinda excited!

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Prayers for you, Dave and Faith that this will FINALLY be your buyer! The right and most wonderful house will be made known and available to you at just the right moment... Dave's doing better, the time is right... the lord waited till now just for you.

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Beth - no moving twice, no way!

And you know,THIS was our dream house! Our house on the river, we built it together. But it doesn't matter any more, and I am ready to give it up and focus on US.

The contract was WEIRD to say the least. we mostly shook our heads and laughed at it. we will take it seriously and counter offer, but other than the pontoon boat it contained lots of weird contingencies that didn't really make any sense. So our realtor, James, wrote down all our questions (and his) and is going to talk to the other realtor today. We want to figure out what it is they WANT before we make a counteroffer so we can get close to the middle. They had written in all kinds of things like they wanted to close right away, after they sell their rental property in Florida, which isn't on the market yet, but will be soon (what is soon?) but then again, they might want to close and rent back to us, which would be doing us a big favor (why would it?). Strange stuff. either the realtor is an idiot or he's a terrible messenger boy for some strange folks. James must not have heard back from him yet since I haven't heard from james today. Compound all of this with Dave practically propped up at the table suffering from some intense chemo brain. poor thing.

And I saw a new house on the market today that I liked, had a nice half acre lot, but no garage, but the asking price was low enough we could have one built. and I called Dave and tried to get him to look at it on the internet but he couldn't 'cause of the bad chemo brain so I'm sitting here with no one to get excited with. Poor me (ha).

Everything will fall into place at just the right time, I am sure.

Sounds like we need to throw a farewell to Chapman Acres party with pontoon boat rides before we move - Frank and Cindi, ya'll coming?


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I'm hoping it all works out for you - ASAP. But never say never. I know, I know, moving is HELL -- but a small, temporary move can sometimes be worth it, if you manage to do all those impossible things well... (says she who has vowed NEVER to move again, but who moved all the time long, long ago when people in NY thought of renting, not buying and never were satisfied with what they were renting).

Keeping fingers crossed,


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