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Does anyone have advice for Brian?


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He finished round 3 infusion of Cisplatin/VP 16 on Friday. He is not bouncing back like he has the last couple of times. (Each time seems a bit worse, but this time it is exponentially worse!).

He is so bloated! I don't think the Zofran or Compazine addresses that, but I don't know what to do. If he takes alka seltzer it helps for a brief time but the bloating builds right back. He also complains of being short of breath.........that is new. He thinks that he is sob purely because his abdomen is so bloated. I am concerned and he has agreed that if things aren't improving tomorrow we will call the oncology office.

Meanwhile we need to know if bloating (to this extreme degree) is a common occurance during chemo or if I should call the doc b/4 tomorrow?? He burps and burps but w/ no relief.

He has eaten very little and the scale says he has lost 8 pounds, but his pants will barely close around his tummy/waist/abdomen.

Poor guy! Any input/suggestions/or comment?

Thanks, friends.


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Hi Pat. I don't know what to say..I have had my bloating too to some degree but I think that the bloating and the belching and the SOB would be considered new symptoms. There is probably an oncologist on call at the clinic/center where Brian goes. You probably would want to run all these things by him/her for attention or for peace of mind. The bloating sounds almost severe enough to be ascites...whatever that is...???

Doesn't hurt to ask the docs. Remember, they get big bucks for the work they are doing , and it is their area of expertise so it is okay to call. They will get mad if you were supposed to call and didn't.

good luck. Hope everything turns out alright.

Cindi o'h

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I don't have a clue on the bloating but I am glad you are going to call the doctor about it, especially since he is short of breath. I know with John the chemo had an accumulated effect and got worse each time. Drinking lots of water helps to flush it out and keep the muscle aches down.

Hang in there Brian!


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Haven't had much time to post lately. I would keep an eye on him. Charlie developed neuropathy of his colon last summer (see my signature) from the chemo he was taking. They had to stimulate his colon to start working again. But, before they did, Charlie was very bloated and very sick--unable to eat, etc. Once the colon started working again, he improved quickly. Hope this isn't what's going on and that this passes quickly for Brian. If you need more information, please pm or email me. Take care. Praying for you both.

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I had this problem with my 1st chemo (Carbo & Taxol). The nurse practitioner said it was common and suggested Gas X which helped some. Also gave me a Rx for Nexium. Nothing really solved the problem very well - except for completing chemo.

I'd call the Dr., but in the meantime, don't worry too much about it. Good luck!

Muriel K

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Thank you!

It is such a comfort to know we are never alone.

Things get so scary as night approaches........

We did call the oncology office. Brian spent several minutes w/ the on call doc on the phone and they decided to see how he felt this morning.

He feels much better, but we are going to address this concern at our next visit or sooner...........

It is imperative you understand how much each member of LCSC is treasured.

God bless us all.

Pat and Brian.

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