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Sunshine increases Survival

Donna G

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This am on the local news they are talking about a study that showed people who had their lung cancer surgery in the summer, when they were able to get out in the sun with its Vitamin D were more likely to survive more than 5 years than people who had surgery in the winter. So far I can not find it on the web, will continue looking. Donna G

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Yes, that is the info, thanks. I guess if you have to have surgery in the winter you should plan a trip post op to Florida or California or a sunny place. Get that Vitamin D from the sunshine!

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Bo asks:

"Besides how can being in the sun and feeling good, hurt."

One word - melanoma.

Or so they'd have you believe. Sunscreen notwithstanding, what perks me up and makes me feel the best is feeling the warm sun on my face in the mornings. I treasure the walk from my parking place into where I work on those days. Being downtown, the buildings hide a lot of the sun later in the day, but the mornings are the best.

No doubt there are benefits as well as dangers to many things -- moderation seems to be the key.


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Not to ruffle anyone, but I am a sunshine believer also. The sun , yes can hurt the skin, but I have been in it all my life. But I think it brings out the "feel-good inside" we all need to fight.......I am not ashamed to say during my first chemo, I sat in the sun throughout a heated Georgia summer, until I looked quite healthy. Even my bald head, which had never viewed the sun, But we must be careful too....

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